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5 Tips for Thriller, Horror, and Supernatural Auditions

Auditioning for a spooky thriller or horror film? Embrace the fear and let it fuel your performance. Here’s Lana’s latest Backstage Expert column! My office has subjected our neighbors to a fair amount of screaming, sobbing, and agonizing deaths, after … Continue reading

From "Burning Plain" to "Twilight" to the "Untraceable" premiere

My how time flies! Time to get caught up. I’ll probably have to do this in a few posts. We wrapped casting on “The Burning Plain” (starring Charlize Theron) in January. I finally made it to set on the second … Continue reading

Untraceable…coming to theatres soon!

The upcoming Diane Lane film, directed by Gregory Hoblit, that we cast in Oregon last year: The film is set for release in January of 2008. We can’t wait! Allison Burnett’s script was tight; the cast and crew were a … Continue reading

Actors who love monologues about actors who love monologues about actors who….

OK, well apparently I’m not posting much about the Seattle Generals. 😐 Not because they weren’t great; I’ve just had other stuff on my plate since I got back. I will mention that I didn’t see many overused monologues this … Continue reading

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