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Friday, November 8, 2019

AM Northwest talks 20 years of Oregon casting with Lana Veenker

by admin

On November 7th, Lana dropped in on AM Northwest to chat with Helen Raptis about Cast Iron Studios’ recent anniversary.

As reported by KATU:

Portland’s own Lana Veenker is celebrating 20 years as a casting director! In that time, she’s made a name for herself both here and abroad — having just returned from the Rome Film Festival where she rubbed elbows with Italian film royalty. Lana joined us to look back at the last 20 years of film and TV productions in Oregon. For more information about Lana Veenker, check her out on IMDb.


Many thanks to the team at AM Northwest for helping us celebrate this milestone! We’re so grateful for our community.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Cast Iron Studios co-sponsors Oregon Film History Mural

by Cast Iron Studios Staff

We are super proud to be one of the community sponsors of a new exhibit at Portland International Airport, which was unveiled on Tuesday, May 29th, 2018, and will remain in place for at least the next two years!

The new Oregon Film History Mural and Poster Exhibit showcases #OregonMade productions such as Paint Your Wagon, Stand By Me, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, and more recent projects, such as Twilight, Grimm, and Wild.

The mural is located in the Portland International Airport’s south pedestrian tunnel which connects the parking garage to the terminal. It provides travelers with over 160 uninterrupted feet of mural art and posters, representing a small collection of Oregon’s rich film history, and casts a light on Oregon’s unique locations, talented industry members, and film-friendly environment.

The mural and exhibit have been created in support and collaboration with Portland International Airport and the PDX Art Program.

It was made possible through partnership with Travel Oregon, Travel Portland, and additional community members Pacific Grip & Lighting, PDXpendables, Koerner Camera Systems, BLT Productions and Hollywood Theatre.
Darren Cools illustrated and designed the mural in collaboration with Oregon Film, via the Oregon Made Creative Foundation.

We’re excited to be a part of this great project. Check it out at PDX next time you travel, and be sure to post photos to your social media accounts using the hashtag #OregonMade!


Friday, October 31, 2014

5 Tips for Thriller, Horror, and Supernatural Auditions

by admin

Auditioning for a spooky thriller or horror film? Embrace the fear and let it fuel your performance. Here’s Lana’s latest Backstage Expert column!

Lana Veenker CSAMy office has subjected our neighbors to a fair amount of screaming, sobbing, and agonizing deaths, after casting for supernatural projects such as Twilight and NBC’s Grimm (76 episodes and counting), thrillers such as Untraceable and Gone, and horror films such as the upcoming Cabin Fever: Reboot. But fear not: We’ve learned what it takes to excel at these types of genre auditions along the way. Enter if you dare….

1. Commit. It’s always important to immerse yourself in the world of the story, and even more critical in genre films and television. The situations and characters may be so outlandish, that it’s essential to truly invest and believe in them in order for the audience to come along for the ride. No matter how over the top the script is, dig deep to find your character’s underlying objectives, hopes, fears, strengths, and weaknesses, so that your performance remains rooted in authenticity. And educate yourself as well: When casting for Grimm we can always tell whether or not actors have seen the show by the way they morph into Wesen (the show’s monsters)…or fail to.

2. Discover. Thriller, horror, and supernatural narratives rely heavily on surprise and suspense, so avoid playing the end of the scene at the beginning, or telegraphing what’s going to happen next. Allow your character (and hence, the audience) to discover as they go along. Is your character the red herring? Don’t give it away by acting suspiciously. Does your character expect a knife-wielding maniac to attack her as she gets into her car? Unless it says so in the script, allow your character to be taken by surprise.

3. Don’t play the obstacle; overcome the obstacle. Novices often try to play emotions and obstacles rather than intentions. But when actors focus on conveying adjectives (happy, sad, angry) instead of verbs (charm, attack, diffuse), their performances suffer and become artificial. No audience can get behind an actor who is mugging, especially not in the exaggerated situations of genre stories, so spend less time thinking about showing, and more on what your character is trying to do under the circumstances. The emotions will take care of themselves. Don’t play fear. Hide or control the fear. If your character limps, don’t play the limp, overcome the limp. Drunks don’t try to act drunk, they try to conceal it, manage it, pursue their goals despite it.

4. Know your archetypes.Villains require strong justifications and backstory for their actions (their need for revenge, attention, power), and likable or intriguing characteristics (charm, humor, intellect) to accomplish them. Note that calm, understated villains can be more frightening than loud, threatening ones (recall Javier Bardem’s chilling character in No Country for Old Men.

When playing the Hero, identify weaknesses you need to overcome in order to grow into the You who can save the day. Pursue objectives with heightened resolve when faced with the unusual and overwhelming obstacles found in genre stories. Root your performance in reality to differentiate yourself from the crazy characters that surround you.

Are you the Victim? Witnesses and innocent victims are usually anchored in realism, whereas victims of stupidity or hubris may present an opportunity to have fun with the character. In either case, don’t be afraid to go for it when your character is supposed to shriek in terror or die a painful death, but do pay attention if the CD is shouting, “Cut, CUT, CUT!!!” We gather pretty quickly that you can scream; we don’t need our neighbors calling the cops.

Authority Figures (detectives, doctors, experts) tend to demand down-to-earth, truthful performances, but identify whether the circumstances that confront them are run-of-the-mill or unusual. Supernatural phenomena may be completely normal in some stories. Weird creature names and terminology should roll off your tongue if your character is used to saying them. Research proper pronunciations (or ask!) before memorizing lines. It’s a dead giveaway to producers that you’ve never seen their show when you can’t pronounce terms common in their scripts.

Playing a Character role? The nosy neighbor, the disheveled hermit, the alien being, the creepy voyeur: These are the kinds of parts that you can really experiment with in genre film and TV. Since you may only get one take in the audition, though, preface by saying, “I’m going to try something fun here, but I can always rein it in, if it’s too over the top.” (This is preferable to asking for a second take.) Be prepared with a very straightforward, understated reading, in case they ask.

5. Use your fear. Auditions are nerve-wracking, so channel that energy into your character. It’s easy to convey fear when you’re already feeling it. Not to mention that a good blood-curdling scream releases tension and helps vent frustration. Relish it!

Link to original article.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Twilight Lexicon Reports: Lana Veenker Makes PSA Appeal

by admin

Many thanks to the ladies over at Twilight Lexicon, who posted about the anti-rape PSA campaign that we are producing. We appreciate you!

Lana Veenker Makes PSA Appeal
July 8, 2011
Posted by Twilight_News

Many of you who have been around the fandom awhile know that Lana Veenker was one the people who helped to cast the original Twilight movie that filmed in the Portland, Oregon area. Lana casts many shows such as Leverage that shoot in the Portland area. For Twilight, Lana helped cast much of the local talent that was used in the film (Cora the waitress, young Bella, the original Sam Solomon Trimble, etc).

Lana is now involved in a cause that means much to her, as one of her close friends is one of the major activists in this area. More details on how you can help bring awareness to this important issue here.

Link to original post.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

‘Twilight’ Casting Director, Lana Veenker, Takes a Stand

by admin

The folks over at Twilighters Anonymous are helping to spread the word about the PSA we are producing. Thanks, guys!

‘Twilight’ Casting Director, Lana Veenker, Takes a Stand
July 9, 2011
By Evie

You might recognize the name Lana Veenker as the casting director from the original Twilight movie. Now Lana is taking a stand in a new PSA against rape as a weapon of war. Check out more below:

Meet Andrew & Lana from Cast Iron Studios.

Join our efforts to produce a 60-second PSA to help stop the use of rape as a weapon of war!

Our Story

New statistics show that over 400,000 women per year are raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where armed militias are using rape as a weapon of war to terrorize communities. Since this statistic does not include men and children, the actual number is much higher.

By comparison, as of the last census, the population of Portland, Oregon was about 584,000.

Think about that: Almost the equivalent of the entire population of Portland, violently raped. Per year.

Link to full blog post.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cultivating a World-Class Talent Pool 1000 Miles from Hollywood

by admin

Thanks once again to Bonnie Gillespie for featuring Portland in her column The Actors Voice – POV for

Cultivating a World-Class Talent Pool 1000 Miles from Hollywood
Lana Veenker’s POV: Portland Casting
The Actors’ Voice – POV
May 1, 2011

This fantastic contribution from Portland casting director Lana Veenker is not one meant to warm the hearts of Los Angeles-based actors, hoping production is headed back to Hollywood. It’s a column about how local talent has stepped up its collective game to attract–and retain–major productions in the past few years. “Come for the tax breaks; stay for the talent,” could be the new minor-market motto, you might say.

Cultivating a World-Class Talent Pool 1000 Miles from Hollywood

In November 2008, I found myself in the Los Angeles offices of Electric Entertainment, meeting with the executive producers of TNT’s Leverage. They were considering moving their entire production to Oregon, but they had one big concern:

Was the local talent pool deep enough to fill the needs of their show, episode after episode, season after season?

Sure, my Portland-based company had provided casting on some big movies (including Twilight, Extraordinary Measures, and Feast of Love, to name a few) and some smaller ones (such as Gus Van Sant’s Paranoid Park), but it had been at least 15 years since a television series had set foot in the state.

Film and television production had just begun hitting its stride in Oregon when British Columbia implemented its film incentive program in the 1990s. This move–combined with a favorable exchange rate on the Canadian dollar–all but killed the momentum in the Northwest. Hollywood began to look past the forests, mountains, and lakes of Oregon, to the forests, mountains, and lakes of Vancouver BC and surrounding areas.

Many Northwest actors and crew who had been earning a decent living in their hometowns were suddenly faced with the decision to either uproot their families and move to Los Angeles (where there was still work to be found), or leave the industry altogether.

The creation of film tax incentives in Oregon in 2003–along with a more equitable exchange rate–has brought many of the jobs back to the Northwest, and we’ve been rebuilding our industry ever since. So when executive producer Dean Devlin threw down the gauntlet that November afternoon, I told him (a tad boldly, in retrospect): “Absolutely. We have enough actors to cast that for you in Oregon. No problem.”

Based in part on that assertion, Leverage announced a few months later that it was coming to Oregon.

Panic set in.

I knew what this meant to our film office, to the hundreds of crewmembers counting on these jobs, to Northwest actors searching for a reason to stay here, and to my own bottom line. I understood the financial commitment that Electric Entertainment was making–and the damage my career would sustain–if I failed to live up to my word.

I thought we had a strong enough base of actors to meet the demands of the show, but I had no idea whether or not our talent pool would truly meet their expectations, nor for how long.

My office organized a “town hall” meeting, which was attended by hundreds of Northwest actors. This time, it was my turn to throw down the gauntlet. An entire production company was moving its TV show to Portland, partly on my word. To prepare for it, I told actors, we were expanding our offices and staff, and upgrading to a new online casting system.

Now, I needed them to deliver the goods.

We challenged our talent pool to do everything in their power to up their game, whether that meant getting new headshots, assembling more professional demo reels, improving their online presence (website, IMDb, etc.), or recommitting themselves to ongoing training. I knew we had a number of actors who could compete in any market, but I was concerned that we might use them all up in our first season. I needed the next generation to step up and meet the challenge. And man, have they done so!

I can’t keep up with the number of weekly industry nights, script readings, and screening events going on in Portland, much less the countless independent films and webseries shooting around town. Our top acting coaches’ classes are filled to capacity, workshops are selling out, and it seems like every actor I encounter is in a show, penning a script, producing a short film or feature, volunteering as a reader in casting sessions, or simply focused wholeheartedly on training.

Talent agency rosters are filling out with new actors we never knew about before, and highly professional on-camera talent are hoofing it from as far away as Bend, Eugene, Ashland, and Medford to attend our casting sessions in Portland, never complaining about the commute. In my 11 years of casting in Oregon, I’ve never seen actors this motivated. And their determination is paying off.

Homegrown filmmaker James Westby–whose film Rid of Me features a cast made up almost entirely of Northwest actors–has captured the attention of the prestigious TriBeCa Film Festival (his previous made-in-Oregon feature, The Auteur, was hailed by TriBeCa organizers as “the funniest film in the festival”).

We are now in our third season of casting on Leverage, with over 38 episodes under our belts. Its producers and directors are still as thrilled as they were their first year in town, when they realized that–although they had budgeted to fly up four or five actors per episode from LA–the average (not including name actors hired to satisfy the network) was closer to one per episode. At times, none are flown in at all, local actors having snagged all the guest star and co-star roles themselves.

Since then, other pilots, films, and series have hit the Oregon Trail:

    • Meek’s Cutoff starring Michelle Williams, Restless by Gus Van Sant, and Extraordinary Measures starring Harrison Ford, all filmed in Oregon in 2009.


  • The IFC series Portlandia (starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein) shot six episodes in Portland last year, and just got picked up for another ten.



  • TNT has increased its order for Leverage from 15 episodes in season two, to 16 in season three, to 18 this year.



  • NBC chose Oregon for its made-for-TV-movie A Walk in My Shoes in 2010, while Brain Trust (the TBS pilot we cast in December) may go to series this fall.



  • 2011 is projected to be the busiest year for film and video production in the state’s history. So far this year, in addition to the first few episodes of Leverage season four, we have cast Grimm for NBC (the highly anticipated pilot by the producers of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel), and Gone, a Lakeshore Entertainment thriller starring Amanda Seyfried.


If Leverage and Portlandia continue to be successful, and Grimm and Brain Trust both get picked up, we will have four television series shooting concurrently in and around Portland.

I’ve heard the rumblings of more Hollywood films joining this wagon train in months to come, and local actors continue to lend their talents to dozens of indie projects, plays, commercials, industrials, infomercials, and voiceover gigs. In fact, more and more Northwest actors are now piecing together a fulltime living from their acting endeavors. This would have been almost unheard of just a few years back.

There’s never been a better time to be an actor in Oregon, and our actors have never impressed me as much as they have of late. Sean Hayes–one of the producers of Grimm–raved about the quality of our talent base after we had completed casting on the pilot. Gone producer André Lamal and director Heitor Dhalia did the same after our first round of callbacks. Leverage directors keep asking, “Where are you finding these people?!? How come we haven’t run out yet?”

Is there an endless pool of actors in the Northwest? Of course not. Are there categories in which I wish we had more options? Umm, yes. (Hint: if you’re a strong, non-Caucasian actor of any type–especially over 30–or a strong actor who fits the thug/bad guy or cop/security guard type, now might be a good time to hitch up your wagon and head west… or north, as the case may be). But what our actors, coaches, acting schools, independent producers, and directors have managed to accomplish over the past few years has been nothing short of remarkable:

They have created an environment that supports and cultivates a world-class talent pool a thousand miles from Los Angeles, and three thousand miles from New York City.

As long as we keep endeavoring to raise the bar professionally–each generation of artists helping to groom and inspire the next–the momentum will continue and the pool will be replenished. In fact, I’ve already made it a habit to tell producers: “Give us a shot at the lead roles. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”


Kudos to you, Lana, and to all the local talent keeping so many major productions so well cast and well acted! Let’s hope all actors with the opportunity to work under local hire status in other markets see this as a great time to take advantage of all the great stuff going on. Congratulations, Portland, on getting better and better! Very exciting!

About Lana Veenker

Lana Veenker began her career in London as a casting assistant on international co-productions for major studios and networks. When the Portland native returned to her roots in 1999, she launched what is now the Northwest’s most successful casting company, helping to raise the bar on what producers can expect from a regional talent pool. She is a member of the Casting Society of America and the International Casting Directors Network.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Parents complain about talent agency’s practices

by admin

KATU’s Dan Tilkin talks to Lana Veenker about a “scouting company” that recently made a stop in Portland.

Parents complain about talent agency’s practices
By Dan Tilkin KATU News and Staff
Jan 17, 2011

PORTLAND, Ore. – A talent scouting company that recently made a stop in Portland offers to help child actors for a hefty price but a local casting director says payment upfront is a red flag.

Parents say the company, THE, pronounced “TAY,” is also using the Disney name to lure families in, but Disney says it is not affiliated with the company.

Remi Lapira and his 8-year-old daughter recently heard the company’s ad on the radio, and the company’s website features two actors, Anna Maria Perez from the movie “Fame” and Disney’s “Camp Rock 2” and David Deluise from Disney’s “Wizards of Waverly Place”.

THE’s staff members invited his daughter back (to the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Portland) for a second audition to make it to Florida.

“They were talking to my daughter and said, ‘Hey, you did a wonderful job,’ and my daughter was like, ‘Well, I don’t know how I did a wonderful job if these people weren’t even paying attention, they were playing with the lights.’ And that’s where it kind of (threw) me. I was like, ‘Whoa, red flags. What’s going on here?’” Lapira said.

He said THE wanted him to pay $4,900. The company also offers packages as high as $7,900.

Portland casting director, Lana Veenker who has a long resume, including work on the movie “Twilight,” said payment upfront is a red flag.

“If we were to do an open casting call for a real project, there’s never any money asked for from the parents or the kids,” she said.

KATU News called THE at its Delaware offices but a company representative said no one at the company would do an interview unless the questions were submitted in writing.

“I’m concerned for the parents who are actually shelling out that kind of money, because they think Disney is going to be the one taking them,” Lapira said.

Both Lapira and Veenker are frustrated because the company’s name makes it difficult for parents to find information about it on the Internet – typing “the” into Google returns everything.

If you have an aspiring actor in your house, go to The Casting Scoop to read more from Veenker about what to watch out for and how to get your break.

Did you guys see those prices?? UGH!

Parents: The problem here is that they’re advertising the event as a chance to meet with Disney talent scouts, not as a ploy to get people to register for a conference. If they’re trying to sell registrations for a conference, they should be up front about it and not advertise it as a casting call or a chance to be in the next Disney movie.

And there’s no reason why any conference or workshop should cost anywhere near $7900. If you’ve got that kind of cash lying around, enroll your child in a bona fide acting conservatory and sock the rest of the money away to help them get into Juilliard later. Don’t spend it on what amounts to little more than glorified lottery tickets.

Here are links to our past posts on other scammy operations:

Acting/Modeling Schools that Double as Agencies?
December 27, 2008

Beware of Acting and Modeling Scams
February 25, 2009

Trusting your gut and doing your research
December 22, 2010

These ones were specific to Twilight, but the information on recognizing scams is still valid:

“Breaking Dawn” Casting SCAM ALERT
December 3, 2009

Beware The ‘Breaking Dawn’ Casting Scam!
December 4, 2010 (

Beware of online ‘Breaking Dawn’ casting scam
December 4, 2010 (

No need to pay to be in “Twilight” cast
December 6, 2009

Repeat after me: All current casting calls for “Breaking Dawn” are FALSE
December 8, 2009

The Buzz on recent “Breaking Dawn” audition hoax
December 16, 2009

Auditions for ‘Twilight’ film are scams, says Portland casting agent Lana Veenker
January 5, 2010

WARNING! “Breaking Dawn” Casting SCAM ALERT 2.0
April 30, 2010


Monday, October 18, 2010

"Twilight" Returns to Oregon Coast? Not According to Film Office.

by admin

An article claiming that the “Breaking Dawn” set had been discovered on the central Oregon coast by three University of Oregon students appeared on over the weekend.

BRAYS POINT, Oregon – When three University of Oregon students decided the weather was too nice on a sunny Friday to sit in class, they cut school. “We hit the coast and we’re sure glad we did because we’re huge Twilight fans. Imagine riding by the beach and spotting Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson? Well, it happened to us, we found Breaking Dawn,” says Greg Barker who’s a senior at the U of O in Eugene.

Vince Porter, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Film &Television, refuted the claims both in the article’s comment section and in an email to us.  The article states that a contact at the Governor’s Office of Film & Television confirmed that pre-production was underway and goes on to quote a source.  Porter tells us that the Governor’s Office was never contacted and confirmed no such thing.  Moreover, the Governor’s Office checked in with the University of Oregon and found that there are no students registered at the school with the names listed in the article.

For more information on what we know regarding “Breaking Dawn”, check out these previous blog posts:

“Breaking Dawn” Casting Director Update
Summit Clears Up A Few “Breaking Dawn” Rumors
Summit Entertainment’s THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN To Be Filmed In Louisiana and Vancouver, BC

Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Twilight" Convention Lands in Sacramento This Weekend

by admin

You can catch Lana and several of the Twilight saga actors at Creation Entertainment’s Official Twilight Convention, this weekend in Sacramento, California.

Lana will be appearing on September 25th. If you’re there, be sure to say hello!

Special Guests

Alex Meraz

Chaske Spencer

Daniel Cudmore

Justine Wachsberger

Tyson Houseman
Check out the official site for times and days of appearances as well as a full schedule of events.  Not all special guests will appear on all days.
Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Breaking Dawn" Casting Director Update

by admin

Courtesy of the Official Twilight Series Fan Page on Facebook:

Official local casting directors have been hired for THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN. Stuart Aikins reprises casting duties for Vancouver-based casting. Fincannon and Associates Casting is handling talent searches for Louisiana-based casting. Both work under LA-based casting director Debra Zane. There are no other casting organizations involved with the production at this time.

Contact information for official casting directors:

Debra Zane Casting

5225 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90036


Aikins / Cossey Casting

#403 1755 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC V6J 4S5


Fincannon and Associates

1235 N. 23rd St

Wilmington, NC 28405


Read the Facebook posting here.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Summit Clears Up A Few "Breaking Dawn" Rumors

by admin

Seems that the admins of sites across the “Twilight” universe have received some rumor control messages from Summit.

The biggest rumor being cleared up is, of course, regarding casting for the final film installments:

There is only one casting director working on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN films right now – Debra Zane. As of right now no local auditions are being held. If Debra’s name is not attached to it in some form or another, it is not legitimate. She is also not putting out nationwide casting notices. Once again – as was the case with NEW MOON and ECLIPSE – any ads you see are completely false. She has set up an e-mail address specifically for casting inquiries (

Head here to read the full list of cleared-up rumors, courtesy of, as linked from the Official Twilight Series Fan Page on Facebook.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summit Entertainment’s THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN To Be Filmed In Louisiana And Vancouver BC

by admin

Our friends over at The Twilight Saga Facebook page posted the following press release today:


Summit Entertainment’s THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN will be filmed in both Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Vancouver [BC] over the next year starting this fall. The next chapter of THE TWILIGHT SAGA will be released as two separate films with the first of the two slated to be released in theatres on November 18, 2011.

Academy Award® winner Bill Condon will direct both films starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner along with Billy Burke as Charlie Swan as well as returning members of the Cullen Family including Peter Facinelli as Carlisle, Elizabeth Reaser as Esme, Jackson Rathbone as Jasper, Nikki Reed as Rosalie, Ashley Greene as Alice and Kellan Lutz as Emmett.

The project, based on the fourth novel in author Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, is currently being written by Melissa Rosenberg with Wyck Godfrey, Karen Rosenfelt and Stephenie Meyer producing.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN illuminates the secrets and mysteries of this spellbinding romantic epic that has entranced millions.

The third film in the franchise, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE, is currently in theatres.

About the TWILIGHT SAGA film series
The TWILIGHT SAGA film series stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson and tells the story of 17-year-old Bella Swan who moves to the small town of Forks, Washington to live with her father, and becomes drawn to Edward Cullen, a pale, mysterious classmate who seems determined to push her away. But neither can deny the attraction that pulls them together…even when Edward confides that he and his family are vampires. The action-packed, modern day vampire love story TWILIGHT, the first film in the series, was released in theatres on November 21, 2008 to a blockbuster reception. The second installment of the film franchise, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: NEW MOON was released November 20, 2009. The franchise has grossed over $1.4 billion in worldwide box office ticket sales to date.

About Summit Entertainment, LLC
Summit Entertainment, LLC is a worldwide theatrical motion picture development, financing, production and distribution studio. The studio handles all aspects of marketing and distribution for both its own internally developed motion pictures as well as acquired pictures. Summit Entertainment, LLC also represents international sales for both its own slate and third party product. Summit Entertainment, LLC releases on average 10 to 12 films annually.

Read the original post here.

Once we hear any news about casting or casting directors involved in the project, we will post it here on the blog and send it to our Twihard newsletter subscribers. Sign up for the Twihard newsletter in the right sidebar of this blog!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

WE HAVE WINNERS for our "Eclipse" Advance Screening Contest!

by admin

Congratulations to our winners Chrissy and Bobbi for being randomly chosen from all of the entries! They have each won a pair of passes to vitaminwater‘s red carpet event and advance screening of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” on June 29th at Bridgeport Village, just outside Portland, Oregon.

Their questions will also be answered at a Q & A featuring Lana and members of the local “Twilight” cast, including Solomon Trimble, Ayanna Berkshire, Trish Egan and Catherine Grimme! Didn’t win, but still have a burning question? Never fear! You can still submit your question through our online form.

If you don’t win, you’ll have two more chances and you’re reading it here first:

vitaminwater will be setting up at original “Twilight” filming locations and giving away “Eclipse” stuff including a ton of passes to this red carpet party and advance screening of “Eclipse!” You need to show up to enter to win…and you must be present to win. Here are the locations:

  • Madison High School on June 23 @ 4:30PM-6:30pm
  • Meet vitaminwater at the Cullens’ table in the cafeteria and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Madison’s original set locations and movie props for the Forks High School cafeteria, Bella’s locker and the biology classroom.

  • The “Edward Saves Bella” parking lot and alley in Old Town St. Helens (intersection of 2nd & St. Helens) on June 27th @ 12pm-2pm.
  • Meet vitaminwater in the parking lot and check out original murals created by the “Twilight” crew. Then take the St. Helens walking tour to check out the original Swan House, Petite Jolie, and more.


Can’t get enough of the “Twilight Saga?” Also check out the Experience Eclipse festival coming up in St. Helens, OR.

Go to for details!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Win tickets to "Eclipse" advance screening & red carpet event at Bridgeport Village

by admin


Twilight Saga fans: You already know that Portland was the original filming location for “Twilight.”

You’re counting the minutes until you can finally see “Eclipse.”

The wait just got shorter for some of you.

The official “Eclipse” release date is June 30th, but we have been given two pairs of tickets to vitaminwater‘s red carpet event and advance screening of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” on June 29th at Bridgeport Village, just outside Portland, Oregon.

Lana and members of the local “Twilight” cast, including Solomon Trimble, Ayanna Berkshire, Trish Egan and Catherine Grimme, will be hanging out with vitaminwater and Z100 to answer all of your burning questions about “The Twilight Saga”! All you have to do is submit a “Twilight Saga”-themed question for the Q&A and you’ll be entered to win.

NOTE: You must be a subscriber to our Twihard mailing list in order to participate in this contest.

CLICK HERE to submit your question. If you’re not a current subscriber to our mailing list, you’ll be given the opportunity to join. Make sure to respond to the confirmation email to confirm your subscription, so that your entry will be eligible!

Winner to be announced on June 22nd!

Madison High School in Portland doubled as Forks High School in “Twilight”

If you don’t win, you’ll have two more chances and you’re reading it here first:

vitaminwater will be setting up at original “Twilight” filming locations and giving away “Eclipse” stuff including a ton of passes to this red carpet party and advance screening of “Eclipse!” You need to show up to enter to win…and you must be present to win. Here are the locations:

  • Madison High School on June 23 @ 4:30PM-6:30pm
  • Meet vitaminwater at the Cullens’ table in the cafeteria and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of Madison’s original set locations and movie props for the Forks High School cafeteria, Bella’s locker and the biology classroom.

  • The “Edward Saves Bella” parking lot and alley in Old Town St. Helens (intersection of 2nd & St. Helens) on June 27th @ 12pm-2pm.
  • Meet vitaminwater in the parking lot and check out original murals created by the “Twilight” crew. Then take the St. Helens walking tour to check out the original Swan House, Petite Jolie, and more.


Can’t get enough of the “Twilight Saga?” Also check out the Experience Eclipse festival coming up in St. Helens, OR.

Go to for details!

Friday, June 18, 2010

More ways to win tickets to Eclipse VIP sneak preview in Portland

by admin

In case you missed our blog post the other day, we are giving away two pairs of tickets to the vitaminwater Eclipse sneak preview and red carpet event in Portland on June 29th.

All you have to do is submit a “Twilight Saga”-themed question for Lana’s Q&A and you’ll be entered to win. Hurry! Winner will be announced on June 22nd.

We just found out about another way to increase your odds of winning! Willamette Week is holding a fan fiction contest for tickets to the screening as well.

Check it out on their website!

Hope to see you there, along with Twilight cast members Solomon Trimble, Ayanna Berkshire, Trish Egan and Catherine Grimme.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"Twilight" Celebrities Descend on Phoenix This Coming Weekend

by admin

As the Phoenix New Times reports, you can catch Lana and several of the Twilight saga actors at Creation Entertainment’s Official Twilight Convention, this weekend in Phoenix, Arizona.

Lana will be appearing on June 19th. If you’re there, tell her happy birthday!

Twilight Celebrities Descend on Phoenix This Coming Weekend
Phoenix New Times
Tuesday, June 15, 2010
by Wynter Holden

Imagine hundreds of pre-teens in thick black mascara, fake fangs and themed t-shirts (plus a few out of place soccer moms) crowding together in one place to see the supporting actors in the film version of a bestselling book about sparkly vampires written by a Mormon mom from Arizona. Yeah, a few years ago we would’ve laughed at that suggestion.

Now we’re sure it’s exactly the scene that will play out at this weekend’s Official Twilight Convention, which starts this Friday, June 18 at 2 p.m. following registration. The three-day event promises Twilight/New Moon/Eclipse discussion panels, celebrity autograph signings, quizzes, merchandise and even breakfast with The Wolf Pack if you spring the extra dough for it.

Which celebs will be there this year?

Link to full article.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Win tickets to sneak preview of Eclipse!

by admin

For all you Twilight fans out there:

A little bird just told us that we may be getting a few passes to an exclusive sneak preview screening of ECLIPSE in Portland!

We will be holding a contest to give them away, but you must be on our Twihard mailing list to participate, so if you’re not, be sure to enter your email address in the box in the right sidebar of this blog and confirm subscription when you receive the opt-in email!

Stay tuned for more announcements!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Never too late to swoon: Why are grown women smitten with today’s teen idols?

by admin

Beth Teitell of the Boston Globe talks to Lana about adult women and the Twilight phenomenon.

Never too late to swoon: Why are grown women smitten with today’s teen idols?

By Beth Teitell
Boston Globe
May 13, 2010

Like many mothers and daughters, Mary Irizarry and her 12-year-old argue sometimes. But their disputes aren’t over texting or clothing. They disagree about which male Twilight star is cuter.

“My daughter says Jacob [played by 18-year-old Taylor Lautner] is stronger and has better muscles,” said Irizarry 33, a salesperson and administrative assistant from Springfield, “but I think Edward [played by 24-year-old Robert Pattinson] is better looking and more romantic.”

She allowed herself a sigh. “I’m all about Edward.”

Anyone who has seen her Edward Cullen-emblazoned fleece blanket–enjoyed when her husband is working an overnight shift–would not disagree. “When People magazine named [Pattinson] one of the sexiest men alive, I definitely bragged about him.”

Oh, be still her maternal bosom. Irizarry is one of those moms with schoolgirl crushes–adult women who are happily obsessed with young stars, as well as movies and TV shows aimed at teens and tweens. Unlike earlier generations of women, who either kept secret their crushes on youthful stars like Elvis or the Beatles–or simply didn’t have them, today many moms see nothing wrong in proclaiming their fascination.

Link to full article.


Monday, May 3, 2010

WE HAVE A WINNER for our Twilight Moms Contest!

by admin

Congratulations to Liz in New York for being randomly chosen as the winner!

Liz says:

I was 12 when The Monkees first appeared on TV. The only way my interest affected my life was to introduce me to friends I may never have met otherwise… I have a friend who lives in Oklahoma. We met at a Monkees convention in 1986 and have remained friends ever since. She will be visiting me this summer!

Do you have stories about how your love for a band, book, movie, actor, director, musician or activist has affected your life? Share it in the comments!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Friday, April 30, 2010

WARNING! "Breaking Dawn" Casting SCAM ALERT 2.0

by admin

Those of you who have been following this blog for a while know how we feel around here about casting scams, especially those that target kids.

Most recently, we took issue with the unscrupulous companies that advertise casting calls for Breaking Dawn (the final installment of the Twilight saga) on the Internet or via email.

After luring victims to create a web profile on a so-called “casting website,” they inform them that they can only find out about Breaking Dawn auditions if they upgrade to a paid subscription. Of course, the auditions are bogus, as no casting director has been hired yet to cast the film, and if she were, she wouldn’t advertise auditions on a paid website. Instead, she would find established, experienced actors through bona fide SAG-franchised talent agencies.

Apparently, the problem is widespread, as our blog post got picked up by websites such as Access Hollywood and MSNBC.

(Hop down to review all our past casting scam posts)


Well, a new Breaking Dawn casting scam was recently brought to our attention and we wanted to warn others, so they will recognize the difference between a real casting call and an attempt to fleece fans of their cash.

I received the following message from a Twilight fan:

Sorry to bother you as I am sure that you are busy. We had an ad on the a radio here in Calgary saying that if you text this number at this certain time, you would get a call to audition for the next Breaking Dawn movie at [nameless acting & modeling school]. Today they called and booked an audition time for my daughter on Saturday. I was just wondering if you knew anything about this or if it is just a scam to have people join [nameless acting & modeling school]? They said there was a casting director coming.

Without even gathering any more information about this supposed casting call, I can tell you that this is nothing but a ploy to get people through the door. Once they have arrived, victims will have to sit through a sales pitch and be pressured to sign up for acting and modeling classes that are expensive and of dubious quality. Likely, victims will also be pressured to purchase spendy (and useless) photo portfolios or attend a costly “talent showcase” in LA or New York, where, they’re told, they just might be “discovered.”


Here are the red flags I spotted in this message:

  • Breaking Dawn is not casting yet.

    The film doesn’t go into production until the fall. No casting director has even been hired.

  • Auditions for Breaking Dawn will not take place anywhere where classes are offered, nor will they take place in Calgary.

    The film is likely shooting in Vancouver, BC. A real casting company, not an acting and modeling school located in a shopping mall, will be hired to cast the actors.

    NOTE: Anytime a company that offers classes or photo portfolios also promotes itself as a talent agency or talent management company: Beware. Real industry professionals know that it is a conflict of interest to do both.

  • Auditions for any real roles in the film will not be advertised on the radio.

    Actors will be hired through bona fide SAG-franchised talent agencies.

    (The extras casting company MAY hold an open casting call, but this won’t happen until the film goes into production this fall and actually hires an extras company.

    Moreover, it will only be advertised in the Vancouver area or wherever the film is shooting. They do not want to truck extras in from remote locations. There are plenty of people on hand who live nearby.)

  • The qualification to audition for a film this huge is not one’s ability to send a text message.

    The casting directors want educated, established, experienced, professional actors. They don’t have time to waste on these kinds of games. Film is a high-pressure, fast-paced business and producers want only the crème de la crème.

    If you want to break into acting, get into the best acting class you can find and train, train, train. Don’t look around for silly shortcuts. Acting is hard work and very competitive.

  • Who in the Forks is this casting director?

    This acting/modeling school claims that a casting director will be there, but since it can’t possibly be the CD of Breaking Dawn, who is it?

    And why are they claiming it’s an audition for Breaking Dawn? The film is not yet in production and no crew has been hired.




Fortunately, new laws are starting to be passed, such as the Krekorian Talent Scam Prevention Act that went into effect in Los Angeles at the beginning of the year, per Variety:

SAG sponsored the legislation, working with the BBB, ATA, AFTRA, WGA, and the City Attorney of Los Angeles.

You can read about it here.

Hope this clears up a few things and saves people from falling for this or similar operations.



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