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Monday, October 18, 2010

"Twilight" Returns to Oregon Coast? Not According to Film Office.

by admin

An article claiming that the “Breaking Dawn” set had been discovered on the central Oregon coast by three University of Oregon students appeared on over the weekend.

BRAYS POINT, Oregon – When three University of Oregon students decided the weather was too nice on a sunny Friday to sit in class, they cut school. “We hit the coast and we’re sure glad we did because we’re huge Twilight fans. Imagine riding by the beach and spotting Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson? Well, it happened to us, we found Breaking Dawn,” says Greg Barker who’s a senior at the U of O in Eugene.

Vince Porter, Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Film &Television, refuted the claims both in the article’s comment section and in an email to us.  The article states that a contact at the Governor’s Office of Film & Television confirmed that pre-production was underway and goes on to quote a source.  Porter tells us that the Governor’s Office was never contacted and confirmed no such thing.  Moreover, the Governor’s Office checked in with the University of Oregon and found that there are no students registered at the school with the names listed in the article.

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