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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Twilight Premiere in LA

by admin

For Lana’s full report of the star-studded LA premiere of “Twilight” on Monday night, head over to Shawn Levy’s Mad About Movies blog.

Been trying to sit down to write this post all day, but my cell phone has been ringing and beeping non-stop since 7:00 am: “OMG, how did it go? Tell me everything!”

Friends, family and staff, many of whom are die-hard “Twilight” fans (otherwise known as “Twi-hards”), couldn’t wait to get the scoop on last night’s premiere at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, Los Angeles. Never mind that I got home from the after-party at around 2:00 am. […]

Link to full article.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

In Toronto, Portland is King!

by admin

For our update on how three Oregon films fared at the Toronto International Film Festival this week, hop over to Shawn Levy’s “Mad About Movies” blog on the Oregonian website.

Toronto: You (Aren’t) There
Posted by Shawn Levy September 10, 2008 08:02AM

Portland casting director Lana Veenker, our gal on the go, files this report from the Toronto Film Festival, where three films shot in and around Portland have been playing this week.

Link to full article.

In the meantime, here are a few photos from the premiere of “Management“:

Actors Steve Zahn and Jennifer Aniston, and director Stephen Belber participate in the Q&A following the world premiere of “Management” at the Isabel Bader Theatre at TIFF’08.
Zerofootprint CEO Ron Dembo, casting director Lana Veenker and actors Steve Zahn and Katie O’Grady at “Management” premiere.
Actors Katie O’Grady and Gavin Bristol, director Stephen Belber and casting director Lana Veenker at “Management” after-party at the Spoke Club in Toronto.
Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oregon Takes Toronto by Storm!

by admin

World-Renowned Festival Highlights “Management,” “The Burning Plain” and “Wendy and Lucy”
August 30, 2008

The Toronto International Film Festival, the world’s second most prestigious film festival after Cannes, kicks off next week, with no fewer than three films on its slate that shot in Oregon:

Management” starring Steve Zahn, Jennifer Aniston and Woody Harrelson

and “The Burning Plain” starring Charlize Theron and Kim Basinger

are part of the festival’s Special Presentations program and feature casting by Lana Veenker Casting.

Wendy & Lucy” starring Michelle Williams

will premiere under the Contemporary World Cinema banner. All three films employed numerous cast and crew from the Northwest.

We will be on hand to attend the premieres and report back to Shawn Levy on the Oregonian’s “Mad About Movies” blog.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Variety Raves About "The Auteur" at OutFest

by admin

Just got back from the West Coast premiere of “The Auteur” at OutFest in Los Angeles.

Here’s what Variety has to say about the film:

“The Auteur”
July 22, 2008
by Robert Koehler

It’s not easy being “the Kubrick of porn,” a label that burdens fame-obsessed, jealousy-wracked Arturo Domingo at the center of James Westby’s erratic mockumentary, “The Auteur.” Like his “Film Geek,” new pic is about movie culture in Westby’s base of Portland, Ore. Half of the laughs stem from X-rated spins on famous movie titles, but a gentle, less ironic humor also occasionally pokes through. Nifty indie-fest entry should sidestep theatrical altogether and go straight to vid, where the porn action is these days anyway.

Link to full article

Congrats to cast and crew!


Monday, March 17, 2008

From "Burning Plain" to "Twilight" to the "Untraceable" premiere

by admin

My how time flies! Time to get caught up. I’ll probably have to do this in a few posts.

We wrapped casting on “The Burning Plain” (starring Charlize Theron) in January. I finally made it to set on the second to last day of the shoot, out on the Oregon Coast. Producer Ray Angelic and Director Guillermo Arriaga told me they were thrilled with the talent and crews they worked with. We hope they shoot here again!

After that, we started almost immediately on “Twilight” for Summit Entertainment. The film, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, is based on the publishing phenomenon by the same name, written by Stephenie Meyer, and teenagers are MAD about it! We’ve been getting emails from all around the world from kids begging to be considered for roles.

We did put out an open casting call for the role of Jacob, an American Indian teenager (causing our MySpace friends list to take off!), but that role has now been cast.

The remaining roles were all filled by professional actors and shooting is well underway. Photos of the lead cast can be seen on MTV’s website.

I somehow squeezed some travel in during all of this, first to attend the LA premiere of Lakeshore Entertainment’s “Untraceable,” starring Diane Lane. It was great fun to see Director Gregory Hoblit, Producer Hawk Koch and all of the cast again. Here are a few photos of the festivities:

Lana Veenker, Actress Betty Moyer and Actress Katie O’Grady
Betty Moyer, Katie O’Grady, Actress Diane Lane, Lana Veenker and Actress Angie Rutan
Casting Director Irene Cagen, Lana Veenker, Producer Hawk Koch and Katie O’Grady
Actress TL Forsberg, Actor Ty Giordano and Lana Veenker


More to follow…..

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Paranoid Park Takes Home Special Prize from Cannes

by admin

“Jury President Stephen Frears awarded a 60th Anniversary Prize to Gus Van Sant for Paranoid Park.”

“Gus Van Sant accepted this Anniversary Award and expressed his appreciation: ‘Thanks, Stephen, and thanks to the Jury and thanks to the family Karmitz for backing this film. It had very humble beginnings and for the short film as well. Thanks to my producers. Of course thanks to Gilles Jacob and Thierry Frémaux for this Festival; it’s been a really good one this year. Thanks to Chris Doyle and Rain Li for the cinematography and Blake Nelson for writing the original book that it’s from and all the others who helped make it. Thank you.'”

Congrats to Gus, Blake, cast and crew!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Festival de Cannes

by admin

Bonjour from the Riviera! I’m in Cannes along with about 30 others from production for the screening of the Gus Van Sant film “Paranoid Park,” which we cast last year and which is competing for the top prize: the Palme d’Or.

I’ll be sending updates to Oregonian film critic Shawn Levy’s Mad About Movies blog, if you’d like to keep abreast of the developments.

A plus tard!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Valley of Talent!

by admin

We all had fun watching the 229th Presentation of the Hallmark Hall of Fame, “The Valley of Light,” last night on CBS. Kudos to all the actors and crew on a beautiful production.

Here are a few photos from the LA premiere last week at the Directors’ Guild of America:

Director Brent Shields and Casting Director Lana Veenker
Lana Veenker with Lead Actor Chris Klein (“Noah Locke”) and Co-Star Betty Moyer (“Ada Reynolds”)
President of Hallmark Hall Fame Productions Brad Moore, with Betty Moyer, Brent Shields and the film’s dialect coach, Voice Actress Mary McDonald-Lewis
Lana Veenker with Casting Director Molly Lopata (whose IMDb photos don’t appear to be her) and Lana’s guest, Casting Director Irene Cagen
Irene Cagen with guest, Actor Robert Blanche, Betty Moyer and Mary McDonald-Lewis
Lana Veenker and Mary McDonald-Lewis with Co-Stars James Marsh (“Peavo”), William Joseph Elk III (“Marshall”) and Betty Moyer
Lana Veenker with Producer Andrew Gottlieb
Betty Moyer with Actor Geoff Pierson (“Whitlow”) and James Marsh
Brent Shields and Mary Mac
Betty Moyer with Andrew Gottlieb
Chris Klein and Mary Mac