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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Contest for Twilight Moms only!

by admin

Hey, all you Twilight Moms (or any Twilight fan 25 or over):

We have a special contest just for you!

We are collecting anecdotes for possible inclusion in a new book by Lana Veenker. Fill out the survey below for a chance to win a New Moon poster signed by Charlie Bewley (Demitri) AND a chance for your story to appear in the book!

This contest is for Twilight fans age 25 and older. CONTEST ENDS AT MIDNIGHT PDT (GMT-7) ON APRIL 30, 2010. Winners will be notified by email and on our blog.


If we would like to use your anecdote, we’ll be in touch. Thanks for playing and good luck!

PS: We’ll have more contests soon, so if you’re under 25, keep checking back!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Celebrity Vampire Baseball in NOLA and more

by admin

This is a little past due, but my report on the recent Celebrity Vampire Baseball fundraiser in New Orleans was delayed by a little something called the “kernel panic screen” on my computer. Not good.

No amount of restarting would bring this baby back to life. It took three attempts to completely erase my hard drive and reinstall all the programs, only to see the Screen of Death once again, when I attempted to restore my backed-up documents.

So, my beloved MacBook Air has been shipped off to Apple and I’m left trying to cast two TV shows, run a business, finish a book proposal, prepare my personal and business tax returns and update this blog on whatever computers I can get my hands. FUN!!


For those who don’t know about Celebrity Vampire Baseball, it is a fundraising event organized by Fan Trips. In the Twilight saga by Stephenie Meyer, baseball is a favorite pastime of the Cullen family of vampires. The fundraiser pits Twilight actors against other celebrities to help raise money for various non-profit organizations, such as the American Red Cross and Hope for Haiti Now.

I taught a few acting workshops in conjunction with Vampire Baseball last summer in Portland and also helped out as a talent wrangler (a task similar to herding cats). We had a blast with Edi Gathegi, Rachelle LeFevre, Peter Facinelli and several others from the Twilight cast.

So when I was lucky enough to be invited to help out again on the event–this time in New Orleans–I jumped at the chance. I had never been to Louisiana and was looking forward to seeing many of my Twilight and New Moon friends again, including Alex Meraz, Chaske Spencer, Gavin Bristol, Alexander Mendeluk and many of my behind-the-scenes buddies, such as agents and fan site administrators.

One of the best parts of this game was the team of people on the ground in New Orleans who had banded together to help us out. Louisiana has a thriving film industry and I got to meet several actors, directors, producers and other professionals who had volunteered to pitch in and make the event a success.

I had a blast hanging out with them and learning more about how Louisiana has built its film industry from the ground up. Even post-Katrina, there are 80 (count them: EIGHTY) films shooting in Louisiana this year that have qualified for state film incentives. Other states certainly have a few things to learn!!

Of course, the funnest part was the game itself, which was full of antics on the part of the actors and the other celebrities who participated (including New Orleans Saints kicker Garrett Hartley of Super Bowl fame and actor Nelsan Ellis of True Blood).

The evening ended with a concert by MUTEMATH, Lee Safar, The National Rifle and Sole Pursuit, benefiting Haiti relief efforts. All in all, a great weekend!

Once I get my computer back, I’ll edit this post to add some photos. In the meantime, here’s a video taken by one of the fans of Alex Meraz performing some pretty awesome dance moves. Enjoy!

Can’t wait until Vampire Baseball Salt Lake City on May 22nd, where Twilight actors will compete against Olympic athletes!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lana at Official Twilight Convention – Seattle

by admin

For all of our Twihard blog followers:

If you’re attending Creation Entertainment’s Official Twilight Convention in Seattle on January 15-17, 2010, keep an eye out for Lana!

She will be giving a talk, tentatively entitled “Auditioning for the Twilight Saga: Fact versus Fiction,” and will touch on the following topics:

    • Twilight Saga casting calls: How to recognize real ones from fake ones


    • Can I audition for a role in Breaking Dawn? Understanding the casting process


    • Help! I need an agent! What you need to do to get signed by a legitimate talent agency


    • Working as an extra


    • How to break into the business if you don’t live in Hollywood


Once in many moons a new genre craze begins and so it is for TWILIGHT, the epic series of books and smash hit feature film (with sequels to follow). We are proud to present the Creation Entertainment’s Official Twilight Convention 2010 in the happening city of Seattle Washington State, January 15-17, 2010. With fantastic guest stars from the film, wonderful programming, panels and events, themed parties, autographs and photo ops, live musical performances and more: make your plans now to join the celebration!

Hope to see you there!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Experience New Moon Prize Giveaway Continues!

by admin

Excellent news for “Twilight” fans: The organizers of Experience New Moon still have some prizes to give away, including some signed items given to me by the “New Moon” cast to raise money for the Oregon Food Bank, so they are extending the celebration through to Christmas!

For those who couldn’t make it to the New Moon release weekend, we have continued the Oregon Food Bank fundraiser, Self-guided Twilight Set Tour, Twilight Scavenger Hunt, giveaways and drawings.

They will be giving away one prize each Monday until Christmas week!

Register to win here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Daytime talks to Oregon Twilight Casting Director

by admin

This is a little late, but we just got the DVD from the TV station!

On October 26, 2009, in anticipation of the release of “New Moon,” Daytime spoke to Casting Director Lana Veenker at the NBC studios in Tampa, Florida. Veenker, whose company did the Northwest casting on “Twilight,” the first film in the vampire saga, talks about working in the business outside Hollywood.

Visit the Daytime website.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sucked in by vampires: Twilight fans howl at the New Moon

by admin

by Aaron Weiss
KGW Newschannel 8
November 19, 2009

Teenage girls (and probably a fair number of boys, men, and women) will be lining up for midnight screenings of New Moon, the film adaptation of the second novel in Stephenie Meyer’s vampires-meets-90210 Twilight saga.

Twilight fans were disappointed when New Moon’s producers decided to shoot the film in British Columbia, after shooting the first film in the Northwest.

The third film, Eclipse, has wrapped shooting, but star Robert Pattinson told MTV that Breaking Dawn, the fourth movie, will be shot in Portland. If it’s true, that’s huge news for the local film industry, and Twilight fans, who are sure to stalk the stars as soon as they show up.

Pat Dooris talks to fans and industry veterans on the eve of New Moon’s premiere.

Link to video.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

“Twilight” Casting Director Teams With “Experience New Moon” Event for Ultimate Fan Experience

by admin

Lana Veenker Casting is teaming with the coordinators behind the “Experience New Moon” event in St. Helens, Oregon to give four lucky fans the ultimate experience.

Location Casting Director Lana Veenker and local members of the “Twilight” cast will be participating in a VIP party and panel discussion on Thursday, November 19th, part of the kick-off of “Experience New Moon,” a four-day release party that brings the vampire saga home to St. Helens, where several scenes from the first “Twilight” movie were shot.

The event benefits the Oregon Food Bank and includes screening parties, a walking tour of movie locations, a Volturi Ball, scavenger hunt, “Twilight” character look-alike contest, raffle and more.

Also on hand will be a beautician and esthetician from Forks, WA. Four lucky winners will be chosen to receive a “Twilight” vampire makeover. If you’d like to be one of them, register here for the drawing. Winners will be announced on Thursday, November 19th, 2009.

For more information, please visit the Experience New Moon website.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blood Drive to Celebrate "New Moon"

by admin

Passing this on for some friends:

Clark County Blood Donor Center
5109 NE 82nd Avenue
Vancouver, WA
Google Map
November 20th, 2009
7:30 am to 1:00 pm

Donate blood at the Clark County American Red Cross fixed site donor center on Friday November 20th, 2009 and register to be entered to win prizes which include a pair of tickets to a November 21st showing of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and a “Twilight” saga collection box set which includes all four books in the “Twilight” series.

3 raffles
(1) Pair of tickets to 4:30 Regal Cinema 99 Stadium 11
(1) Pair of tickets to 7:00 Regal Cascade 16 Cinemas
(1) “Twilight” saga collection box set

Monday, November 16, 2009

Today’s the day: LA premiere of "New Moon"

by admin

I’ve been in LA for the build up to the Los Angeles premiere of “New Moon” this evening in Westwood! Got to meet and hang out with many of the “Twilight” fan site admins, including:

Twilight Lexicon
Twilighters Anonymous
Twilight Examiner
His Golden Eyes
Twilight Series Theories
Twilight Official Facebook
Bella and Edward
Twilight Moms
Twilight Source/Imprint
Kaleb Nation

(Hope I didn’t miss anyone!)

And met Charlie Bewley, who plays Demitri in “New Moon,” and whom I think fans are going to love. Wishing him luck on his upcoming projects. Sounds like he has a few amazing prospects on the horizon.

These lucky ladies from Cullen Boys Anonymous are first in line for their spot on the red carpet. They’ve been camping out for days!

Here’s a photo of Matt Britton of Twilight Source with Kimbra Hickey, the “Hands of Twilight.”

Tonight’s the big night!

Good luck, cast and crew! Hope you have a blast.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Experience New Moon – Submit Your Questions!

by admin

Lana (location casting director on “Twilight”) and some local members of the “Twilight” cast will be conducting a panel discussion at the Experience New Moon event’s VIP party in St Helens, Oregon on November 19th. Here’s your chance to ask what it was like to work on the first film in the “Twilight” saga, how to break into show business if you’re just starting out, or anything else that comes to mind.

Planning on attending? Submit your question through this web form, and enter to win time with Lana and the cast at the event. Each submission is an entry. Winner will be announced at the VIP party on November 19th.

Unable to attend? You can still submit a question! Event organizers will be posting a video of the panel discussion.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Werewolf Sightings & New Moon Events

by admin


Twilight” fans everywhere are counting the days until the premiere of “New Moon.” I just got back from LA, where I got to catch up with some of the Wolf Pack, and believe me, they are as excited as you.

Even though they have an exhausting schedule of press junkets and appearances from now until the premiere, they can’t wait to find out what everyone thinks of the second film in the “Twilight” saga. They told me how much they loved working with Director Chris Weitz and bonding as werewolves on the set.

It was great to see them and I’m sending lots of well wishes for their big night on the 16th. I’ll be in Los Angeles to partake in some of the festivities and I can’t wait.


If you can’t make it to LA for the Hollywood premiere, definitely plan to attend the Experience New Moon event in St Helens, Oregon, which runs November 19th to the 22nd. Several of the scenes from “Twilight” were shot in St Helens, so there will be movie set tours, a Volturi ball, a VIP party, and of course, screenings of “New Moon.”

Chaske Spencer (Sam Uley) and Gil Birmingham (Billy Black) gave me a few signed photos to raffle off. I may have a few other items to pass on as well. Check out the website to find out how you can enter to win:

Members of the Oregon “Twilight” cast (such as Young Bella and the Frat Boys) and I will be attending the VIP party. We will be doing a panel discussion and answering fan questions about what it was like to work on the first film in the “Twilight” saga, how to break into show business if you’re just starting out and more.

Special Guest Anita Wheeler, a traditional Quileute story teller, will also be on hand sharing stories handed down to her from her elders.

Proceeds benefit the Oregon Food Bank, so it’s all for a great cause.

Click here for more info.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dakota Fanning to play Jane in "New Moon" (Told ya!)

by admin

Summit Entertainment has announced that Dakota Fanning will play the role of Jane in “New Moon“:

This squares up with my blog post from back in December that the main roles would go to known actors.

This also means perhaps we’ll stop getting emails from actor hopefuls from around the world asking us to cast them as Jane…? Yes? No?

(Did I mention we’re not casting the movie?).

Congrats to Dakota; she’ll be great!

Looking forward to news on the rest of the “New Moon” cast.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Summit News Confirmed: Solomon Trimble Will Not Play Sam in "New Moon"

by admin

My inbox is full this morning asking for confirmation that Solomon has not been rehired to play his role in “New Moon,” the sequel to “Twilight.”

I’m sad to report that the news posted on his MySpace page is true and came to us yesterday from Summit Entertainment.

On the bright side, I have no doubt that Solomon’s dedication, professionalism and integrity will take him far in his career. He has been a class act throughout the process, never compromising on his principles and approaching life with his usual optimism, grace and charm.

The continued support of his fans would mean a lot to him as he undertakes new ventures, so please wish him well!

Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Gazillion Twilight / New Moon Questions Answered

by admin

Time to tackle another round, since we continue to be bombarded with questions about the Twilight series.

We’ll repeat once more: WE ARE NOT CASTING “NEW MOON.”

We cast many of the smaller roles in “Twilight,” but the sequel is shooting in Vancouver BC, so we are not working on it. We know nothing about the casting of “Eclipse” or any further productions based on the book series.

We can, however, give you some insights as to how things usually work in the business and if you take the time to read through some of the older posts on this blog, you’ll find lots of other tips and tools that can help you get started in acting.

On with the questions:


Q: I actually did send my submission [for the “New Moon” Native American open call] on time and received the auto response. So do I still have a chance or does this mean they have already contacted those who they are interested in? Or are they still at this moment going through submissions?

Q: I’m sorry to bother you with a question that probably has an obvious answer. I was wondering how long it usually takes a CD to go through audition tapes? Also, if 2 weeks has passed since submission deadline, then they probably already narrowed things down… I submitted the Native American piece for Emily (I’m part Native American). I figured it was a long shot since I live so far away. So, I just would like to know your thoughts.

Q: How long do you have to wait to hear something if you already sent in your video audition to René [Haynes]?

Q: Lana, Have they got people casted [for “New Moon”] from the LA area? did they contact who they wanted?

Q: Ok, so I actually sent my headshot and contact info in [to Rene Haynes] almost a week ago. Never received the packet of info. Does this mean no luck? Or are you still viewing people’s submissions who sent them on time?

Q: Do you think Rene Haynes Casting is sending an information package to everyone who emails their picture or are they selecting the individuals who appear within the criteria of the roles they are casting?

A: I have not been in contact with René for several weeks, so I don’t know where they are in the process.

That being said, the shoot dates are coming up soon, so I would imagine that they have probably contacted everyone they were interested in from her January call for submissions by now and are beginning to finalize casting.


Q: i want to be the blonde chick who is human but works for the volturi. small simple roll. but i fit the description. whens that casting?

Q: I am interested in auditioning for the part of Leah Clearwater. But from my research it seems that the screenwriter of New Moon has not included her in New Moon. Is it true that Leah will make her first appearance in Eclipse? If you do not know, where can I get this information?

Q: For so long now I’ve been pondering about what it would be like if I was in a Twilight movie. I’ve already been told about thirty times that I am only one of one of ten billion. But I want to be able to have a chance at this. I don’t really know how it works or what to say, but I just wanted to inform you that I was thinking of auditioning for Leah Clearwater. If you would please reply back, that would calm my nerves knowing that you read my message.

Q: If I wanted to audition for the role of Leah Clearwater, when would be the best time to try to land that role? And, will there be an open casting call for the role? Like there is now for the Native American roles?

Q: Since the role of Leah Clearwater is not up for grabs now, when will the auditions be held for that? And will there be an open casting call for the role? Or do we need an agent to help us on that part?

Q: i would also love to audition for Leah and don’t know where or when to throw in my resume and picture. It would be great if someone could give us a heads up on the issue. I guess Leah will not be in “New Moon” ??

Q:I have done your actor survey, and I have also sent in my headshot and resume because I want to be considered for the part of Jane in New Moon. Do you think I have any chances of getting an audition?

Q: I want to be Tanya/Bree/Jane/Alec/Aro/Vampire #4. How do I audition for “New Moon” and other “Twilight” sequels? Who do I talk to?

A: Sigh. As we have mentioned many times before, all of these roles will likely go to established actors with a track record. The smaller roles may not require actors as famous as those who will likely be chosen for the larger roles, but producers will seek the most experienced and established actors possible.

If there’s a possibility that a role will be difficult to cast among the pool of established, known actors, then an open call may take place (as was the case for the Native American roles), but the purpose of this is to find out if there are any talented and experienced actors out there that the casting directors are unaware of.

It’s very rare for a completely inexperienced person to land a role of any significance in a film like this one, unless the casting specs rule out absolutely everyone else.

He or she may land a teeny, tiny role, if they’re primarily seeking a “look” and there are so few lines that acting ability is not the biggest concern. But he or she has a much better chance of being hired as an extra than as a principal actor (as long as he/she lives in the area where the film is shooting; they don’t want extras who live thousands of miles away).


Q: Will there be “New Moon” auditions in London/Tokyo/Brazil/Small Town, USA?

Q: I am so sorry for bothering you with that, but do you have any preview of when the casting of other roles for the [“New Moon”] movie will be annouced? I am really interested in trying for a role, but I am going to NYC soon, for an acting couse. If you could, would you please give me some information? And will you be casting in New York?

Q: Hello, I wanted to know about more information about the extra casting for New Moon. I’m very interested and I would like to participe for extra casting in Vancouver, BC. I would like to know if there is an e-mail address where I can send my picture and my personnal information. I have heard about TBA who will take care of extra casting in Vancouver. That is why I would like to know if I can contact them or wait until they publish news about casting.

A: We are not casting “New Moon,” so we don’t have this information. If we ever hear anything and know it to be true and not a rumor, we’ll post it on the blog. Unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to run a casting company and answer individual inquiries, especially about a project we aren’t casting.

We will only ever post information about casting calls we know are 100% legitimate. When we post about a casting call, the post will contain every last bit of information we have and are able to share with you. If we get new information to share, we’ll update the casting call posting. If the information you’re looking for isn’t in blog post, it means we won’t have the answer. (That goes for casting calls for specific characters and casting calls in various locations.)


Q: I heard that the role of [Jane/Leah/etc.] has been cast. Can you comment/clear up this “New Moon” casting rumor?

A: We won’t comment on rumors. When we have news to share that has been verified by reliable sources we know and trust, we will share it. We promise!


Q: I wrote a song/know a song that would be perfect for “New Moon.” Can you help me get it to the director?

Q: Can you pass on my headshot and resume to the “New Moon” casting directors?

Q: I have something I want to give to Robert Pattinson. Can I send it to you to forward on?

A: Sorry, but we can’t forward your information, casting/music suggestions, etc. to the filmmakers, crew or actors. Again, if a bona fide channel opens up for these kinds of things, we’ll share the steps with you and give you all of the information we can to help.


Q: I have close to no experience in acting, and in answer to the question “Is it possible to get hired as one of the main characters in a film if I don’t have experience and don’t live near the shoot location?”, you said you had to have recognition as an actor, in a lead part, to get this role. But I am wondering, how do you get a director to take a risk in casting you as a part?

A: Aha! This is something we can help you with. You need to start with building blocks. You can’t go from never having flown an airplane to being the pilot without first going through some rigorous training and logging a lot of flight hours.

It’s the same with playing the main characters in a major feature film. The producers are looking for someone to fly their very large, expensive airplane (i.e. the movie). They don’t want someone who has never flown before! It’s too risky.

What would you do if your dream were to be a pilot? Would you start applying for jobs right away? Or learn how to fly a plane first?

  • Step One: Get training


  • Step Two: Get experience on smaller projects and work your way up


When you were little, you probably learned how to ride a tricycle before you learned to ride a bike. And you probably had training wheels at first, when you graduated to bicycling, because you were a little wobbly.

Producers don’t want wobbly. They want solid. They want to reduce risk as much as possible.

Pilots learn to fly smaller planes, before they’re allowed to fly commercial aircraft. They need to earn their wings, before taking on such a large responsibility. You do, too.

Read up as much as you can on acting, on the business and on anything else you can get your hands on. Feel free to browse some of the older posts on this blog for info or sign up for our mailing list.

Take classes with only the very best acting teachers. Learn how to recognize scams and avoid them. Get some theatre experience. Audition for some independent films.

Eventually, you’ll be ready to approach talent agents and casting directors, but not until you’ve logged enough flight time.

We do our part to help you; now do yours!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Twilight Turkiye talks with Lana Veenker

by admin

Our fine friends over at the Twilight Turkiye fan site have posted an interview (in Turkish) with Lana on the casting of “Twilight,” the progress of “New Moon” and the upcoming John Hillcoat film “The Road,” based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy (“No Country for Old Men“).

We were going to post Lana’s original answers, but this version adapted from Google Translate is a LOT more fun. Enjoy!

Hi, Honorable Lana Veenker

I’m from a website, which serves Twilighters in Turkey. Our Website is the biggest Twilight-Fan website in Turkey.

Sorry to disturb you, but if I can take 5 minutes, you will make more than 1000 Twilight fans happy. We have got some question for you, for “the most beautiful Casting Director of Twilight”, there are less than 10 questions, if you can answer any of them, and if you don’t break us, we will be pleased. Thanks already now.

Onur Kahveci: Why this profession?

Lana Veenker: I like the combination of talents and intellectual perspective, it is necessary for selection.

Onur Kahveci: “The Road” is on the way, do you know fully if exit date has been set?

Lana Veenker: “The Road” movie will run when I do not know, but I can not wait. It will be a great movie. The book was great and scenarios.

Onur Kahveci: “New Moon” “Twilight” Is that you can beat?

Lana Veenker: To look at this will be interesting. I think “New Moon” is much more difficult to screen as a story.

(Onur Kahveci: I asked a couple of things about the selection of players, but for New Moon” they do not work, so about that she says something is not known.)

Onur Kahveci: That Dakota Fanning will assume the role of Jane got some gossip. What you can say about this topic? What do you think? If you were elected, would be the best Jane who?

Lana Veenker: I like the idea of Dakota Fanning. I have not heard anything about other options.

Onur Kahveci: What do you think about choosing Entertainment Weekly’s Volturi? Stephen Meyer or Crispin Glover for Aro? For a character to character, Christopher Lee and Kristen Chenoweth for Jane and Caius have been recommended. Especially if we consider the reputation of Christopher….

Lana Veenker: Very interesting ideas, some suspense, I would be anxious to hear whom they have to choose.

Onur Kahveci: Some say Taylor Lautner’s Jacob Black character in “New Moon” will not continue…. the search is between other actors. Even Michael Copon was proposed. Steven Strait as Jacob was a spectacular preference for the fans. However Taylor takes again the role of Jacob. What thoughts about this issue? Instead of Taylor as Jacob, would you like someone?

Lana Veenker: Taylor I’m happy he is to hold his role; it’s hard for changes to work.

Onur Kahveci: Thanks for all the answers.

Lana Veenker: Important Not!

Link to original article (You may have to register to view)


Monday, February 2, 2009

Call for Native American Submissions on "New Moon" Now Closed

by admin

In case you missed the update to this post on the call for Native American actors for “New Moon” (the highly anticipated sequel to “Twilight”), I’m posting it here:


Casting Director René Haynes recently wrote to tell me the following:

Please tell the fans on our behalf how grateful we are for their enthusiasm and dedication to the project – and explain that (as with all film auditions with overwhelming responses), they will only be contacted if there is further interest.

I will still keep most of the previous post up, so fans can read it, but keep in mind that the casting is closed for submissions. René Haynes also reiterated that it is their GOAL to find Native actors for the Native roles.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

How to Submit for a Film

by admin

Now that the casting call for the Native American roles in “New Moon” has been announced, we’re getting a lot of emails and messages asking how to submit your materials for a film…especially if you don’t have previous professional experience.

Rather than hash out a bunch of information that is widely available in acting books and on the Internet, I think the best solution for new actors is to see how others have done it.


Here’s a link to over 7000 acting resumes. Pick a template you like, copy or recreate it in a word processing document and insert your information.

If you don’t have experience in a certain category (for example, in television), write “New to Industry,” and focus on your training, skills and other areas where you have strengths (i.e. theatre) and that are relevant for the role (if you have Native American heritage, for instance, you might want to mention it).

Notice how the majority of the resumes are crisp, clean and easy to read; yours should be, too. They are only one page long and they only focus on experience relevant to acting. They do not include Social Security numbers!!


Here’s a link to 76,000 headshots. If you’re serious about an acting career, you’ll eventually need a professional headshot, but for the purposes of an open casting call, a simple digital photo will suffice.

Notice, though, how the actors are framed in their photos, how their faces are easily visible (no hats, sunglasses, etc.) and how the best photos are in sharp focus and draw your attention to their eyes. Notice that the actors are in front of a neutral background and there are no friends or pets in the frame. Take this into consideration when taking your own photo.

Clearly, this is a crash course and you’ll want to make sure your marketing materials are as sharp as your acting skills, if you intend to pursue acting as a profession. But this should help those who are just starting out.


I’m sorry, but as much as we’d like to, we are simply unable to answer individual questions or review your materials, due to our work load (especially since most of the requests have to do with “New Moon,” which we are NOT casting).

Casting directors are really impressed, however, when actors show some gumption and do the research themselves (hint, hint!), instead of lazily asking “what should I include on my acting resume?”

So, please, hop online, ask other actors in your community, and visit your library or bookstore. There are lots of great books on the subject of acting and auditioning. Show the CDs what you’ve got! Initiative goes a long way.

Break a leg, everyone.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

"New Moon" Casting Director Announces Search for Native Americans

by admin


Casting Director René Haynes recently wrote to tell me the following:

Please tell the fans on our behalf how grateful we are for their enthusiasm and dedication to the project – and explain that (as with all film auditions with overwhelming responses), they will only be contacted if there is further interest.

I will still keep most of the previous post up, so fans can read it, but keep in mind that the casting is closed for submissions. René Haynes also reiterated that it is their GOAL to find Native actors for the Native roles.




For months, Twilight fans have been sending us their submissions for the Native American roles in “New Moon,” despite the fact that we have announced on several occasions that we are not casting it.

(We did put out an open casting call for some of the Native American roles in “Twilight,” but since the sequel is shooting in Vancouver, we knew that new casting companies would come on board to hire the actors.)

What a shame, though, for all those contacts to go to waste. We wanted to make sure to pass our resources on to the new casting directors, so after exchanging emails and phone calls with Summit and with the new LA casting company, we were able to talk with the casting director who has been hired specifically to cast the Native American roles.

We’re very excited to announce that the wonderful and supremely qualified René Haynes is helming the Native American casting on “New Moon”.


    • For the love of Edward, do not attempt to call the casting office.


  • Repeat: Do not call the casting office.



  • One more time? Please, please, please do not call the casting office.



PS: Although the René Haynes call for submissions is now closed, here are a few tips to help you stand out in the crowd when submitting yourself for a film in the future:

We mentioned most of this once before, but it bears repeating:

1. Be professional

The casting company’s job is to find the best and most professional actors for the parts. Your chances of being chosen will increase if you demonstrate that you are reliable, responsive and serious about your acting career.

2. Fit the specs

The film calls for Native American teens and young adults, so that’s whom the casting directors want to see. The most experienced, trained, legal-to-work actors who fit these specs will be given first priority.

In our experience, only after exhausting all possibilities among those who meet the requirements will casting directors begin to consider those who don’t (in this case, great actors who are not Native American, or Native Americans who are not actors).

Reminder: This casting call is for the Native American roles only. Submitting for any other roles in the film will only waste your time and the casting office’s.

3. Follow instructions precisely

* Be sure to include ALL the requested info in your email. Your photo should be recent and should show a clear view of your face. It doesn’t need to be so big that all the casting director sees is your eyeball in her browser window. Typically a 400×600 pixel image will do.

* Please don’t email every other person on the company roster or send multiple emails. Stalkers are quickly eliminated (if you don’t know how to behave and follow instructions in something as simple as an email, how do they know how you’ll behave on set?).

* If it says “no phone calls,” they really, really, really mean it. Please be respectful of their time, their limited number of phone lines and their already heavy work load.

4. Be patient

They love and adore you, but the casting staff often doesn’t have time to respond to requests for updates or sometimes even to confirm that they received your materials. They’ll only get in contact with you when and if there is news. Unfortunately, that means a lot of waiting, but due to time constraints, there’s usually no other alternative.

5. Gain as much experience as you can.

If you don’t have a lot of experience, take some classes, find a mentor, read books and get up to speed on how the industry works, so you come across as a professional. There’s a lot of free info on this blog and in our newsletter that will help you (register on the top right sidebar, if you’re interested). If you happen to be near Portland, Oregon, you can even attend Lana Veenker’s workshop on March 1st. But most importantly, find a way to get some experience.

Hope this helps and best of luck to everyone. We can’t wait to see you on the silver screen.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Leah Casting Question on "New Moon" ANSWERED

by admin

In answer to all the emails, messages and letters we keep receiving about the casting of Leah in “New Moon“:


We are NOT casting “New Moon.” As mentioned in several of our previous posts and on our MySpace pages, it is being cast in Vancouver, LA and Italy.

NOT in Oregon or Washington. Not in our offices.


Twilight Lexicon has confirmed with screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg that the role of Leah Clearwater does NOT appear in “New Moon:”

If Vanessa is auditioning for the role of Leah, she’s written her own pages to read, ’cause I didn’t write ‘em.

Thanks for helping to clear this up, Twilight Lexicon.

Link to full article.