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Thursday, September 11, 2008

In Toronto, Portland is King!

by admin

For our update on how three Oregon films fared at the Toronto International Film Festival this week, hop over to Shawn Levy’s “Mad About Movies” blog on the Oregonian website.

Toronto: You (Aren’t) There
Posted by Shawn Levy September 10, 2008 08:02AM

Portland casting director Lana Veenker, our gal on the go, files this report from the Toronto Film Festival, where three films shot in and around Portland have been playing this week.

Link to full article.

In the meantime, here are a few photos from the premiere of “Management“:

Actors Steve Zahn and Jennifer Aniston, and director Stephen Belber participate in the Q&A following the world premiere of “Management” at the Isabel Bader Theatre at TIFF’08.
Zerofootprint CEO Ron Dembo, casting director Lana Veenker and actors Steve Zahn and Katie O’Grady at “Management” premiere.
Actors Katie O’Grady and Gavin Bristol, director Stephen Belber and casting director Lana Veenker at “Management” after-party at the Spoke Club in Toronto.
Sunday, April 27, 2008

Casting Company Seeks Pregnant Woman to Play Charlize Theron Double

by admin

“The Road” starring Viggo Mortensen shoots in Oregon in May
April 27, 2008

PORTLAND, ORE. Lana Veenker Casting announced today that it is seeking a pregnant Charlize Theron lookalike for “The Road,” a new feature film directed by John Hillcoat and based on Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name.

Casting Director Lana Veenker says that the pregnant woman is needed to work as a body double for Academy Award winner Charlize Theron, slated to play actor Viggo Mortensen’s pregnant wife. “The producers prefer to use an actual pregnant woman, rather than put a fake belly on the actress. But it’s important that she resemble Charlize in height, weight and hair color.”

Caucasian women with blonde to dirty blonde hair, height 5’9” to 5’11”, who are around four months pregnant and who normally wear a dress size six or eight are encouraged to apply. There is no charge to be considered for the role and no nudity will be required. The woman chosen will work for two or three days in mid-May.

Women who fit the requirements should submit their photos and contact details as soon as possible to Lana Veenker Casting by emailing Eryn Goodman at talent(at)

Additional information about Lana Veenker Casting is available on the company’s website and MySpace page.


Monday, March 17, 2008

From "Burning Plain" to "Twilight" to the "Untraceable" premiere

by admin

My how time flies! Time to get caught up. I’ll probably have to do this in a few posts.

We wrapped casting on “The Burning Plain” (starring Charlize Theron) in January. I finally made it to set on the second to last day of the shoot, out on the Oregon Coast. Producer Ray Angelic and Director Guillermo Arriaga told me they were thrilled with the talent and crews they worked with. We hope they shoot here again!

After that, we started almost immediately on “Twilight” for Summit Entertainment. The film, directed by Catherine Hardwicke, is based on the publishing phenomenon by the same name, written by Stephenie Meyer, and teenagers are MAD about it! We’ve been getting emails from all around the world from kids begging to be considered for roles.

We did put out an open casting call for the role of Jacob, an American Indian teenager (causing our MySpace friends list to take off!), but that role has now been cast.

The remaining roles were all filled by professional actors and shooting is well underway. Photos of the lead cast can be seen on MTV’s website.

I somehow squeezed some travel in during all of this, first to attend the LA premiere of Lakeshore Entertainment’s “Untraceable,” starring Diane Lane. It was great fun to see Director Gregory Hoblit, Producer Hawk Koch and all of the cast again. Here are a few photos of the festivities:

Lana Veenker, Actress Betty Moyer and Actress Katie O’Grady
Betty Moyer, Katie O’Grady, Actress Diane Lane, Lana Veenker and Actress Angie Rutan
Casting Director Irene Cagen, Lana Veenker, Producer Hawk Koch and Katie O’Grady
Actress TL Forsberg, Actor Ty Giordano and Lana Veenker


More to follow…..

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Casting Call in Lincoln City, Oregon for Charlize Theron Film

by admin

“The Burning Plain” will shoot in Portland and Lincoln City in January 2008

PORTLAND, ORE. Rutabaga Background Casting, a division of Lana Veenker Casting, announced today that an extras casting call for a new feature film entitled “The Burning Plain” will take place at the Hotel Chinook Winds Ballroom, 1501 NW 40th Place, Lincoln City, Oregon 97367 on Saturday, December 15th from 10am to 6pm.

The Burning Plain” is the directorial debut of acclaimed screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga (“Babel,” “21 Grams”). Filming is slated to shoot in Oregon for ten days in January 2008. The film is currently shooting on location in New Mexico and is headlined by Academy Award-winning actress Charlize Theron.

Extras Casting Director Diana Hammons says that the Portland-based extras company is primarily seeking Lincoln City residents who are business professional types (ages 18 and older) to appear in an upscale restaurant scene. Owners of luxury or high-end cars in Lincoln City are also encouraged to apply, as their vehicles may be seen in the restaurant parking lot. Finally, several Latino extras (ages 18 and older) will be required in both Portland and Lincoln City. There is no charge to be considered for any role.

Lincoln City residents who would like to be considered for the film should attend the December 15th casting call (ideally in their best professional or cocktail garb, if applying for the restaurant scene, or casual wear, if applying for the Latino roles) to have their photos taken and fill out a casting information sheet.

There is no Portland casting call anticipated at this time, but interested Portland residents may submit their photos and casting information via email, by following the instructions on the Rutabaga Background Casting website at

Additional information about working as an extra is also available on the Rutabaga MySpace page at


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Long Overdue

by admin

Time for an update!

We had an absolute blast working with Stephen Belber, Nan Morales, Jordana Glick-Franzheim and the rest of the team on “Management“. Can’t wait for another opportunity.

Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn were loads of fun on and off duty–and such pros to boot. I only got to meet the other leads briefly, but we hope the entire cast enjoyed their time in Oregon! We certainly loved having them here.

Next up is “The Burning Plain” by Guillermo Arriaga, starring Charlize Theron. We’re looking at just a few people for them, since most of the shoot takes place in New Mexico. But our background casting division will be handling the extras in Portland and Lincoln City. Info will be posted on the Rutabaga website and MySpace page.

Commercials have been busy recently with multiple projects for Nintendo, and clients like Samsung, HP, Adidas, Intel, Oregon Lottery, Microsoft, etc. Of course, they all seem to kick in at the same time after a lull! I keep telling producers to confer amongst themselves and spread the jobs out equally throughout the year, but that never seems to happen….

The New Year is gearing up to be busy as well, with a few features sniffing around, a handful of indie scripts (which I still need to read) and a possible music video. So we’ll be hitting the ground running after the holidays.

Speaking of holidays, we had a fun Argentine-themed client appreciation party last week, called “Noche de Luna”. The high-heeled shoes and fedoras were fantastic, and our 200 guests were even treated to a celebrity appearance or two, before the night was through. Here’s a shout out to the talented tango dancers who added to the ambiance and to Ron Toms and the staff of rontoms for all their help. You rock!

Here are a few photos of the festivities:

Stylist Kathleen Chetlain and Photographer Frank di Marco
Actor John Breen and Director James Westby
Director David Poulshock and Literary Agent Moreen Littrell
Music Manager Ken Erlich and Casting Director Lana Veenker
The ever-festive David and Sara Dochow, Set Designers
Casting Director Lana Veenker and Actor Steve Zahn
Producer Juliana Lukasik and Director Todd Korgan