Why we love it.

Our studio includes a spacious reception area, administrative offices, restrooms and 800 square feet of studio space, all of which are ADA accessible. We have a rooftop deck for the sunny days and are equipped with state-of-the-art editing, sound and lighting equipment.

One of a director’s biggest worries when shooting on location is that local casting will not live up to the ambitions of the show. In Portland, however, that’s not a concern. Thanks to Lana Veenker and her casting associates, Eryn Goodman and Ranielle Gray, I’ve been able to find wonderful talent for each of my “Leverage” episodes. And not just day players or bits. We’re talking leads and guest starring roles. Their attention to script and character is first-rate. Cast Iron Studios operates with the same level of professionalism of any I’ve worked with in LA, NYC or London, for that matter.

Our inner east-side location in Portland puts you in the heart of the city.
We chose this spot for many reasons, including the easy access to downtown,
great restaurants, food carts, bars and cafes.

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