As casting directors, our backgrounds in acting and directing set us apart from other companies. Let’s just say we get it. We’re used to handling everything from small indie projects to blockbuster films and commercial work—coaxing performances from top talent and nailing down details so your project gets done on time and under budget.

On the development side, our team of experts can help shape your script, prepare it for production and put it in the right hands, the kind of full-service attention that brings brilliant ideas to the screen.

We help mentor actors through our workshop series, newsletters and blog, and are happy to share our Portland space for events, when available.

Our services include:

Film & Television Casting
Commercial & Industrial Casting
Script Development
Production Development
Talent Development
Studio Rental

We rely on our connections around the world to help make things happen, and it’s not just our passports packed with stamps that prove we know how to handle everything from currency conversions to border crossings. By exploring the world, we’ve learned the value of the universal language of film. Let us put those lessons to work for you.