The write stuff.

You’ve done the hard work. Your blood, sweat, and tears are on the page. Now what?

Interested in submitting your finely crafted work of art to our development division for consideration?  Give that script one last proofread and then follow these submission instructions.

****Please no calls or drop-by visits.****


Feature-length screenplays under 120 minutes that are set in Oregon or can make use of the diverse locations throughout the state. All genres, excluding sci-fi, are welcome.


To submit your completed screenplay:

  • Send a logline, short description, introduction letter and the first 10 pages of your script in PDF to talent[at]castironstudios[dot]com
  • If there is further interest, you will be sent a release form and a full script will be requested

Unsolicited submissions without signed releases will be discarded.

Please note that we have a rather large backlog, so we cannot guarantee timely review at this time. Thanks for your understanding.

Many thanks to Cast Iron Studios for their passion and dedication in helping us to tell the story of Wild so beautifully. They turned around over 30 roles for us on short notice and filled out our cast with unique faces and soulful performances.

Our industry-savvy team of screenplay consultants can help you perfect your chef d’oeuvre.

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