Finishing touches.

Is your work a diamond in the rough? Have something on paper, but not sure it actually looks like a script? Let our experts help you smooth out the wrinkles so your brilliance can shine.

Interested in getting our team involved in the refining process?  We offer an array of services to take you to the next level.


So your mom read your script and told you you’re brilliant, now what? Discover the benefits of feedback from script consultants with real industry experience. Receive a coverage report that mirrors studio-level reader response, including detailed notes and an industry-standard rating.

  • Screenplay analysis from an experienced reader
  • A coverage report with notes on Plot, Characters, Dialogue, Structure, Cinematic Value, and Concept
  • A rating on the “Pass, Consider, Recommend” scale


Maybe you’re on your third draft. Maybe you’re making the first round of cuts in contests, but not progressing any further. Your script needs work, but you just don’t know anymore. Our team of experienced readers and script consultants provide multiple in-depth coverage reports and will lead you on a page-by-page analysis in an in-person or remote consultation. Prepare yourself for the next level.

  • Screenplay analysis from a team of experienced readers and consultants
  • Multiple in-depth coverage reports with notes on Plot, Characters, Dialogue, Structure, Cinematic Value, and Originality
  • In-Person or Remote Consultation to discuss strengths and weaknesses and brainstorm for the next steps


Looking for something a little different? Contact us to see how we can help you get your script into tip-top shape.