The evolution of ideas.

Filmmaking is all about storytelling. We’re here to put the spotlight on the stories that inspire us.

We seek to leverage our understanding of story, our deep roots in the Oregon filmmaking community, and our wealth of national and international connections to develop a slate of projects made in the Northwest.

Cast Iron’s commitment to quality means we’re selective but dedicated to what we do. We recently produced a pilot for an international luxury travel show and content aimed at eliminating the use of rape as a weapon of war in Congo. Stay tuned for announcements about our upcoming projects.

Lana Veenker and her associates know story. Everyone who they bring to the table is there because they will enhance and bring the story to life in a true and magical way. They don’t simply offer the obvious. They work closely with the director to fully realize the vision, most often elevating the work with their smart and astute choices.

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