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Q: Are you running a screenplay contest?

A: No. Our call for submissions is not a contest. We are searching for scripts that have development potential.

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Q: Why exclude sci-fi scripts?

A: There may come a time when we are able to include more genres in our call for scripts, but at this time, sci-fi scripts do not fit our business model.

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Q: I have a short film script that could be lengthened to feature-length. Do you accept short film scripts for development consideration?

A: Please only submit feature-length scripts. We look forward to seeing your short film idea writ large.

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Q: Is there a certain budget range that you’re looking for in screenplay submissions?

A: No, we are not limiting ourselves as to budget at this time.

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Q: When do you expect to start production?

A: We are seeking screenplays with development potential. If and when we select a submission for optioning, further discussion will happen with the writer regarding production.

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Q: Will the writer of a project chosen for development be paid for their script?

A: For any project that is under serious development consideration, appropriate compensation will be negotiated when necessary.

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Q: If I submit my screenplay to Cast Iron Studios, am I obligated to work with you?

A: By no means. If your screenplay is of interest, we will meet to discuss and agree on terms of engagement.

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Q: If I use your script services, will my screenplay be in consideration for development?

A: While you are welcome to submit your project to us in the same manner as any other candidate, utilizing our script services will not result in preferential treatment. Only the highest quality screenplays strictly adhering to our production mandate will be considered.

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We were fortunate enough to hire Cast Iron Studios as script consultants for our latest screenplay. Their extensive notes were intelligent, insightful and respectful. Will also offered us quite a few hours of person-to-person feedback, during which we found him to be personable and filled with charm and good humor. His knowledge of screenplay story structure and the inner workings of the Hollywood business culture proved invaluable. If you're a screenwriter looking to develop a script, Cast Iron Studios is your "go to" company.

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