General Auditions

In addition to our yearly Meals for Monologues, Cast Iron Studios organizes general auditions for experienced actors in the Portland area a few times throughout the year, whenever our schedule allows. These auditions are open to actors of all ages, allowing them to be seen by one of our team without waiting for the right project or the right role to come along.

If you are not an experienced actor, please consider enrolling in a good acting class and honing your skills, before you sign up for generals. You want your first impression to be a good one!

A general audition is a great way to get seen by us, but don’t just sit back on your laurels waiting for the phone to ring. You’ll receive the most job opportunities if you have an agent submitting you for suitable roles.

How to Register

  1. Create a Casting Frontier profile, if you don’t have one already. This puts you into our database, so that we can easily find you when you come in to audition.

To create a free profile:

  • Go to the Casting Frontier
  • Create a Basic (Free) profile in the Pacific NW Region
  • Fill out your profile completely, including your headshot, resume, and contact information
  1. Head to the General Auditions tab on our Facebook page to book a time slot.

Pro Tip: You’ll need to access the tab from a desktop computer, as it will not show up on mobile devices. (Don’t ask us why; we didn’t design Facebook.)

The Setmore calendar will take you directly to the date with available appointments. If you can’t find an appointment on the date you want, that means there aren’t any available appointments on that day. Keep checking back if you can’t find an appointment on your desired date; we’re only allowing scheduling a couple months out at a time.

Once your appointment is scheduled, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Setmore. Use this Setmore email to cancel or reschedule your appointment, if needed. You’ll receive a separate email from us with a link to audition sides to prepare. Please note, this email with audition sides is not an automatically generated email and must be done manually by a staff member, so there may be some lag time between when you make your appointment and when you receive a link to sides. Be sure to add talent[at]castironstudios[dot]com to your approved senders list or to check your spam folder.

NOTE: Availability of our studio for general auditions is contingent on our other casting needs, and general auditions will be rescheduled if our studio is needed by a client.

Please, no phone calls or emails asking if we’ve received your info or when we’re planning on holding generals. Thanks for your understanding!