Breaking in.

Actors, we’re rooting for you. Here are a few suggestions for launching or refining your career.

One of the quickest ways to impress a casting director is to be prepared and professional, so do your research. Hop online, talk to other actors and get involved in your local acting community.

Study with the best acting coaches you can, work on a few indie films, and when you’re ready, sign with a bona fide talent agency. Check out our Resources page for links to SAG-AFTRA‘s list of franchised talent agencies, and to our state film and video production directory, where you’ll find Oregon talent agency and manager listings. The majority of our projects go through talent agents, so it’s important that you seek representation if you want to be considered for them.

Even if you’re unrepresented, you can submit your information to our database and sign up to attend one of our general auditions. But keep in mind that first impressions are important. If you don’t have a lot of (on-camera) acting experience, you’d be better off enrolling in a good ongoing acting class, working hard, and asking your instructor if he or she thinks you’re ready to be seen by us. If you’re a skilled actor and new to town (or new to us), by all means, submit your info and sign up for a general!

In the meantime, check out our frequently asked questions (FAQs) page. We’re willing to bet dollars to donuts that if you’ve got a question, we’ve already come up with an answer. Then, see if you’re a good candidate for one of our workshops, or complete our survey to be entered to win a free career consultation with one of our staff.

Remember, we’re a casting and development company, not a talent agency. We don’t represent actors; we work with producers and directors, and we mainly hire actors through talent agencies. We appreciate your respect for our time and know we’ll be working with you in the future.

Amazing how many talented actors there are here in Oregon! It's mind boggling.

Submit your headshot and resume to our database.
Whether you’re repped by a talent agent or not, if you’re a professional actor and local
to the Pacific Northwest, you need to be in our Casting Frontier database to be considered
for auditions. Here’s how.