Breaking in.

Actors: Want to get into the pipeline for our film and television auditions? Follow these simple steps:

  • Enroll in an on-camera class.
    • Even if you’re a seasoned actor, you want your tools to be sharp. Actors who work out regularly are less nervous in the audition room. And on-camera classes are some of the best places to network, find out about audition opportunities, be seen in showcases, and get referrals to talent agents. Do your research, ask working actors for their recommendations, and only study with the best of the best!
  • Network in the film & video community.
    • Seek out actor Facebook groups. Attend industry events, screenings, and workshops. Volunteer at film festivals, or for your local production association. Start getting your name out there as someone who is passionate, dedicated and reliable.
  • Work on some indie projects.
    • Through the friends you make in class and in the community, participate in independent productions to gain experience and build your acting reel. Be part of a team on the 48-Hour Film Project. Make your own movies or web series, and develop a social media following. Lend a hand as crew on someone else’s project. Do theatre, improv and sketch comedy. Work as an extra a few times to learn set terminology and protocol. (You don’t want to trip over the lighting cables on your first big gig!)
  • Get a talent agent.
    • When your on-camera coach thinks you’re ready, research and meet with a few bona fide local talent agencies. Check out SAG-AFTRA’s list of franchised agencies, and the SourceOregon directory or NW Production Index, where you’ll find vetted talent agency and manager listings. Choose the one you gel with the best.
  • Get seen by our office.
    • Even if you’re unrepresented, you can submit your information to our database and sign up to attend one of our general auditions. But keep in mind that first impressions are important: Ask your instructor if he or she thinks you’re ready to be seen by us. 
    • If you’re a highly skilled actor and simply new to town (or new to us), by all means, submit your info and sign up for a general! Just be aware that you’ll still need an agent to have access to the bulk of our projects. We only dip into the unrepped pool on rare occasions, and only hold open casting calls for specific purposes.

Remember, we’re a casting company, not a talent agency. We don’t represent or earn commissions from actors; we’re paid by producers and directors to provide casting services, and we mainly source professional actors through talent agencies. We appreciate your respect for our time and hope to work with you in the future!