Breaking in.

Actors: Want to get into the pipeline for our film and television auditions? Here’s how:

  • Get a talent agent.
    • The bulk of our work goes through bona fide talent representatives. Check out SAG-AFTRA’s list of franchised agencies, and the SourceOregon directory or NW Production Index, where you’ll find vetted talent agency and manager listings. Follow their submission instructions, and choose the one you gel with the best.
  • Get seen by our office.
    • If you’re unrepresented, you can submit your information to Casting Frontier, the database we use for project management. This will allow us to find you, if we’re ever on a wild search for your type.
    • You can also sign up to attend one of our general auditions, so we can get to know you.
    • From time to time, we may hold open casting calls for specific roles. Please follow our blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on opportunities.
    • If you’re a highly skilled actor and simply new to town (or new to us), by all means, submit your info and sign up for a general!
    • Just be aware that you’ll still need an agent to have access to the bulk of our projects. We only dip into the unrepped pool on rare occasions, and only hold open casting calls for specific purposes.

Remember, we’re a casting company, not a talent agency. We don’t represent or earn commissions from actors; we’re paid by producers to provide casting services, and we mainly source professional actors through talent agencies.