Monday, April 3, 2017

‘Grimm’ may be ending, but its impact on Portland remains

by Georgia Luke

Many are mourning the ending of Grimm, which aired its final episode, “The End,” on Friday, March 31st.

Kristi Turnquist of The Oregonian talked to the cast, as well as other players in the Oregon film industry–including our own Lana Veenker–about the impact that Grimm had on Portland. According to Kristi:

[S]aying goodbye to “Grimm” isn’t just a sentimental farewell to a TV favorite. For Portland viewers, it’s the end of a show that made a significant impact on the city, from showcasing Oregon scenery to bringing jobs and money into the local economy.


Lana Veenker […] estimates that close to 1,000 individual Northwest actors were cast on “Grimm” in principal roles, and that nearly 200 of them appeared in multiple episodes, such as Danny Bruno, who played Bud, the beaver-like Eisbiber Wesen.

“Not only did ‘Grimm’ provide a lot of work for local actors,” Veenker says, “but it also helped raise the bar on the level of talent here.”

Veenker agrees that, thanks to “Grimm,” more people know about Portland, and not just as the hipster enclave satirized in “Portlandia.”

“I remember, going back to Season 1 of ‘Grimm,’ the producers telling us that in Los Angeles, they kept asking, ‘When you’re shooting in the forest up there, how do you get that color of green on the trees?’ They thought it was lighting, or special effects.”

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