Monday, January 9, 2017

6th Annual Meals for Monologues Post Game

by ranielle

We have just one word for you all: WOW!

Our 6th Annual Meals for Monologues event on Tuesday, December 6, 2016 was the BIGGEST. YEAR. EVER.

Photo by Deneb Catalan from 2014 Meals for Monologues.
Photo by Deneb Catalan from 2014 Meals for Monologues.

When you combine a fabulous turnout of actors in our office with the number of actors utilizing our self tape option (nearly tripled from 2015!), we collected 595 pounds of food and $1,395.12 in donations. All combined, that’s enough to provide 4,681 meals. That is double the amount of meals we’ve donated in any other year.

“…[this] blows our average drive out of the water,” reported Kyle Hummel, Corporate and Community Relations Coordinator for the Oregon Food Bank. “I can’t state enough how lucky we (OFB) and our community are to be able to work with such a thoughtful group like [Cast Iron studios] and your clients. Amazing stuff right there and I hope you take as much pride in those numbers as we do in working with you to help achieve them.”

So there you have it, folks. You have truly outdone yourselves! Thank you once again to everyone who participated, both near and far and far and wide. We couldn’t do it without you and your generosity is a testament to the acting and production community as a whole.