Monday, April 22, 2013

Oregon Actors: Urgent Call to Action

by admin

If you’re an actor in Oregon and you want more film and TV productions to shoot in our state, we need your help right now, so get out those headshots and resumes and a Sharpie!

Please follow the instructions below and share this with all the Oregon actors you know.

This is in support of our efforts to expand OPIF, the Oregon Production Incentive Fund, which is responsible for the huge increase in production in Oregon over the past few years. If our bill passes (HB2267), the fund will DOUBLE, meaning twice as much work for all of us. Time is of essence.

1. First, go to and RSVP for our Industry Day on Thursday, May 2nd at the State Capitol.

Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 1.42.44 PM

This is the crux of our campaign to increase Oregon’s film incentive program and we need a HUGE turnout to demonstrate to legislators how badly we want it.

Clear your schedule and plan to stay the whole day, if you possibly can. If not, at least plan to be on the steps of the Capitol Building in Salem on May 2nd from 12:45-1:45 pm for our rally and photo op. We need the crowd to be MASSIVE.  Be there and bring friends, but be sure to RSVP first.

2. Get out TWO headshots and resumes and TWO manila envelopes.

3. Address one of the envelopes to:

Senator Richard Devlin
900 Court St. NE, S-211
Salem, OR 97301

4. Address the other to:

Representative Peter Buckley
900 Court St. NE, H-272
Salem, OR 97301

5. Make sure each of your headshots is stapled back-to-back to your resume.

6. Hand write a truthful personal note about how you have benefited from film & TV production in Oregon.

Write on the resumes themselves or on sticky notes attached to the resumes.


  • “Thanks to Grimm, I got braces for my kid. Please support HB2267.”
  • “I’m still receiving residual checks from Twilight. Please support HB2267 and expand our incentive program.”
  • “I haven’t had to move to Hollywood, thanks to Oregon’s film incentive program. Please support HB2267.”
  • “I want to work more in my home state. Please support HB2267 and expand OPIF.”
  • “2012 was Oregon’s busiest year yet for film & TV production. Let’s keep building this clean, green, creative, high-tech industry.”
  • “Look at all the credits on my resume from projects that shot in Oregon! Help build the momentum and expand OPIF. Support HB2267.”


OPIF Resume


Devlin’s District Map:

Devlin Map

Buckley’s District Map:

Buckley Map

7. Put one headshot/resume in each envelope.

8. Put $1.12 in postage on each envelope and MAIL THEM NOW.

Senator Devlin and Representative Buckley are co-chairs of the Oregon Legislature’s Ways & Means Committee. Their support of the expansion is critical. We want to bombard their offices with hundreds of headshots and resumes prior to Industry Day on May 2nd.

9. Share this blog post with all of the Oregon actors you know, via social media, email and word of mouth.

Click the share button, copy and paste the URL, or get on the phone now.

THANKS FOR YOUR HELP. Together we can blow the lid off of Oregon production, creating more jobs for all.

PS: If you’re not an actor, but you work in the Oregon film & television industry, you can mail letters to the same effect to Devlin and Buckley. Include your production resume and a personal note. Be sure to mention if your home or business are in their districts.

Let’s do this!