Thursday, June 21, 2012

Another series to shoot in Portland?

by admin

Word on the street is that MTV’s “Real World” may be coming to Portland to shoot its next season here: yet another sign that Oregon is becoming a real player in the film and video industry, creating family-wage jobs and bringing much-needed revenue to the state.

KOIN‘s Ken Boddie stopped by Cast Iron Studios to get our take on the rumors.

(Note that contrary to the transcript, we do not cast Portlandia at our offices.)

PORTLAND, Ore. — MTV’s longest-running reality show could soon tape a season in Portland, according to a local entertainment blogger who has it “on good authority.”

If details are finalized, “The Real World Portland” would be the fourth network show being shot in the Rose City.

“Every time a production decides to shoot up here it’s great for the state because it means jobs,” said Lana Veenker, a casting director from Cast Iron Studios in Portland. “…We’ve got three TV series already shooting here, and hopefully some more movies and commercials and things coming throughout the summer.”

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Want more jobs like these to come to Oregon?  Write or call your legislators and let them know that you support the expansion of OPIF (Oregon Production Incentive Fund).  Film and video production means shutter-ready jobs across the state!