Friday, May 25, 2012

Set in Portland; Shot in L.A.

by Gwen

Earlier this month, TNT announced a deal with David E. Kelley for a new cable television drama series titled “Monday Mornings”. The show, slated to air in 2013, will be centered around the fictitious Chelsea General Hospital located in Portland. Although the series will be based in Portland on-screen, off-screen the entire show will shoot in Los Angeles. The series did look into making Portland its homebase, but with Oregon’s incentive dollars being maxed-out, the production will head to L.A., taking lucrative production jobs and local revenue along with it.

Listen to Lana’s interview with Diana Jordan on KPAM.

This missed opportunity is a testament to the importance and demand for increasing the state’s production incentive program. Oregon’s growing production community pumped an estimated $110 million into the state economy last year, benefiting hotels, restaurants, antique shops, hardware stores, accounting firms, lumber yards, and many other small businesses that service the film and television industry. After a record-breaking year in 2011, please help us keep that momentum going by asking your legislators to follow the Governor’s recommendation and increase the Oregon Production Incentive Fund (OPIF).

(Note that if you’re an Oregon taxpayer, you can also purchase OPIF tax credits to help create jobs AND reduce your personal income tax! Contact the Governor’s Office of Film & Television for details.)