Monday, April 2, 2012

Former ‘Oprah Show’ Staffer Joins Cast Iron Studios

by admin

Former Oprah Show staffer, Gwen Martin, recently joined the ranks at Portland’s premiere casting company, Cast Iron Studios, as Director of Development & Marketing. Gwen brings nearly a decade of television experience to the veteran company that is currently casting for NBC’s Grimm and TNT’s Leverage, among other projects.

Gwen Martin joins CIS after nearly a decade on The Oprah Show.

In November of 2011, Cast Iron Studios’ President, Lana Veenker, rebranded the company (formerly Lana Veenker Casting) and launched a new development division. “Gwen brings extraordinary production experience to the Cast Iron Studios team. After planning, producing and executing more than 60 episodes of The Oprah Show, she adds a wealth of knowledge and great production instincts to our development division,” says Veenker. “We are thrilled to have her on board and as part of our production community.”

As Director of Development and Marketing, Martin will be overseeing new commercial casting accounts as well as exploring exciting development opportunities for the company.  Martin is passionate about bringing more production work to Oregon, and has been actively involved as a volunteer at the Oregon Media Production Association, among other organizations.

Cast Iron Studios’ most recent project, a public service announcement aimed at helping stop the use of rape as a weapon of war in Congo, is set to launch this spring. In addition to the PSA, the company is currently helping to develop the script of a feature film that takes place in Paris, using Veenker’s overseas connections to line up the international cast.


Since 1999, Cast Iron Studios has cast thousands of actors in hundreds of projects, including national and international campaigns for brands such as Nike, Apple and Nintendo, blockbuster films such as Twilight, and the hit television series Grimm and Leverage.

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