Never too late to swoon: Why are grown women smitten with today’s teen idols?

Beth Teitell of the Boston Globe talks to Lana about adult women and the Twilight phenomenon.

Never too late to swoon: Why are grown women smitten with today’s teen idols?

By Beth Teitell
Boston Globe
May 13, 2010

Like many mothers and daughters, Mary Irizarry and her 12-year-old argue sometimes. But their disputes aren’t over texting or clothing. They disagree about which male Twilight star is cuter.

“My daughter says Jacob [played by 18-year-old Taylor Lautner] is stronger and has better muscles,” said Irizarry 33, a salesperson and administrative assistant from Springfield, “but I think Edward [played by 24-year-old Robert Pattinson] is better looking and more romantic.”

She allowed herself a sigh. “I’m all about Edward.”

Anyone who has seen her Edward Cullen-emblazoned fleece blanket–enjoyed when her husband is working an overnight shift–would not disagree. “When People magazine named [Pattinson] one of the sexiest men alive, I definitely bragged about him.”

Oh, be still her maternal bosom. Irizarry is one of those moms with schoolgirl crushes–adult women who are happily obsessed with young stars, as well as movies and TV shows aimed at teens and tweens. Unlike earlier generations of women, who either kept secret their crushes on youthful stars like Elvis or the Beatles–or simply didn’t have them, today many moms see nothing wrong in proclaiming their fascination.

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