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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Never too late to swoon: Why are grown women smitten with today’s teen idols?

by admin

Beth Teitell of the Boston Globe talks to Lana about adult women and the Twilight phenomenon.

Never too late to swoon: Why are grown women smitten with today’s teen idols?

By Beth Teitell
Boston Globe
May 13, 2010

Like many mothers and daughters, Mary Irizarry and her 12-year-old argue sometimes. But their disputes aren’t over texting or clothing. They disagree about which male Twilight star is cuter.

“My daughter says Jacob [played by 18-year-old Taylor Lautner] is stronger and has better muscles,” said Irizarry 33, a salesperson and administrative assistant from Springfield, “but I think Edward [played by 24-year-old Robert Pattinson] is better looking and more romantic.”

She allowed herself a sigh. “I’m all about Edward.”

Anyone who has seen her Edward Cullen-emblazoned fleece blanket–enjoyed when her husband is working an overnight shift–would not disagree. “When People magazine named [Pattinson] one of the sexiest men alive, I definitely bragged about him.”

Oh, be still her maternal bosom. Irizarry is one of those moms with schoolgirl crushes–adult women who are happily obsessed with young stars, as well as movies and TV shows aimed at teens and tweens. Unlike earlier generations of women, who either kept secret their crushes on youthful stars like Elvis or the Beatles–or simply didn’t have them, today many moms see nothing wrong in proclaiming their fascination.

Link to full article.


Friday, May 7, 2010

LEVERAGE Casting Call: Experienced actors who speak Russian or can do Russian accent needed in PDX now

by admin

KILL DATE: MONDAY, MAY 10, 2010 3:00 PM

PORTLAND, ORE. Lana Veenker Casting is looking for experienced actors to fill the following speaking roles in an upcoming episode of TNT’s Leverage.

Interested talent must be based in Oregon or Washington, able to work as a local in Portland, and be available for an audition on Monday, May 10 or Tuesday, May 11, 2010 in Portland.

Callbacks May 11 & 12 in Portland. Shoot dates May 17-27, 2010 in Portland area (actor needed one or two full weekdays within these dates, plus a wardrobe fitting).

Male, 30s to 50s, Caucasian. Not a small man, but still intimidated by Pieter. SPEAKS SOME RUSSIAN; SPEAKS ENGLISH WITH RUSSIAN ACCENT. Telephone repairman. Being blackmailed by Pieter to commit a crime, otherwise they will hurt his family.
Gender: Male
Wardrobe: Casual
Rate: AFTRA Scale + 10%
Age Range: 30-59
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Male, 30s to 50s, Caucasian. Big man. Warehouse manager. May need to ad-lib screaming in Russian; SPEAKS ENGLISH WITH RUSSIAN ACCENT. Fights Eliot. Turns out to be another one of Pieter’s blackmail victims. Proficient at STUNTS, STAGEFIGHTING, SWORDFIGHTING.
Gender: Male
Wardrobe: Casual
Rate: AFTRA Scale + 10%
Age Range: 30-59
Ethnicity: Caucasian

Qualified talent who fit these specs exactly should send an email with ALL OF THE FOLLOWING to intern[at]slateplease[dot]com no later than 3:00 PM on Monday, May 10th.


*If you do not have a Casting Frontier profile, go to and create a new profile for the Pacific NW region. Choose the Basic (FREE) profile. Please create your profile before contacting us, so that you can include the link.

Lana Veenker Casting uses Casting Frontier to handle its actor database and audition scheduling. There is no charge to create a basic profile and no requirement to upgrade to a premium account to be considered for any role.

Please, no phone calls or drop-by visits. Please only respond if you fit these specs; no other roles are open for submission at this time.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Follow the Prophet" available on PPV, VOD & soon on DVD

by admin

Just received an announcement that a controversial film we helped cast, Follow the Prophet, directed by Drew Rosenberg, is now available on Video-on-Demand/Pay-per-View across North America.

DVDs can also be pre-ordered on the film’s website.

It opened theatrically at the Angelika Film Center in Houston on April 30th with a fundraiser for the Texas Center for the Missing, provider of one of the biggest Amber Alerts in the nation.

Congratulations to the 25+ actors we cast in this film for helping to shed light on the difficult subjects of child abuse and incest within certain extremist religious cults.

And to Producers Paul Bernard and James Scura, with whom we now work on Leverage!

Monday, May 3, 2010

WE HAVE A WINNER for our Twilight Moms Contest!

by admin

Congratulations to Liz in New York for being randomly chosen as the winner!

Liz says:

I was 12 when The Monkees first appeared on TV. The only way my interest affected my life was to introduce me to friends I may never have met otherwise… I have a friend who lives in Oklahoma. We met at a Monkees convention in 1986 and have remained friends ever since. She will be visiting me this summer!

Do you have stories about how your love for a band, book, movie, actor, director, musician or activist has affected your life? Share it in the comments!

Thank you to everyone who entered!