Sunday, October 11, 2009

Interview with Rick Emerson on NW 32’s "Outlook Portland"

by admin

Watch as Lana discusses the casting biz, scams, the craft of acting and Oregon film production with Rick Emerson on NW32’s “Outlook Portland.”

This weekend’s Outlook Portland: Of Twilight, Leverage, and starry eyes.

She’s done the casting for Leverage, Twilight, The Road, and myriad other projects for the big and small screens. She’s Lana Veenker, and as head of Lana Veenker Casting, she helps to craft the products that entertain billions of people around the globe. She’s also a gatekeeper of sorts, one through which Portland’s aspiring actors must inevitably pass.

So…how does casting work? What is a casting director really looking for? And how far have Twilight Moms gone in an attempt to get their kids cast in a flick?