Saturday, August 29, 2009

Free money AND more films in Oregon? Read on.

by admin

If you’re an Oregon resident, now’s your chance to make a few extra bucks AND help Oregon’s film industry in the process…which means more jobs right here in our lovely state.

The Governor’s Office of Film & Television is selling tax credits. They have about $3.5M available.

If you buy $1000 in credits, you’ll get $1050 back (5% interest), and it helps the Film Office bring more projects here.

Free Money AND More Films!

To take advantage of the Oregon Production Investment Fund (OPIF) Tax Credit, follow the instructions on the Oregon Film website. You can make a contribution of any amount in the year in which you plan to take the credit, then simply submit your contribution, complete the application and mail it off as instructed.

Please spread the word, if you know of anyone else who may want to pitch in for Oregon film and make a few bucks in the process.