Monday, February 16, 2009

GO PRO in a City Near You?

by admin

Since we keep getting emails about Lana’s Tools 4 Actors workshops, we’re thinking of going on the road!

Are you interested in a GO PRO workshop near you?

If so, be sure to register your interest using the Eventful widget in the right sidebar of this blog.

If there’s enough demand, we’ll try to work something out, so encourage your friends to join our mailing list and register their interest on Eventful as well.

Is money an issue? Are you an organized, responsible and well-connected person? Think you can round up a sizeable group of people?

Then consider hosting a workshop in your area and attend for free. Send us an email at tools4actors[at]castironstudios[dot]com to request a Tools 4 Actors hosting packet.

We look forward to seeing you!