Monthly Archives: February 2009

A Gazillion Twilight / New Moon Questions Answered

Time to tackle another round, since we continue to be bombarded with questions about the Twilight series. We’ll repeat once more: WE ARE NOT CASTING “NEW MOON.” We cast many of the smaller roles in “Twilight,” but the sequel is … Continue reading

GO PRO Waiting List Spots to be Released at 5pm

We’re down to the wire on this weekend’s GO PRO workshop and will be releasing several spots in both the Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced sessions to those on the waiting list at 5:00 pm today. NOTE: If you received a reminder … Continue reading

GO PRO Take Two: 3/1 Workshop Almost Sold Out

A short update on the GO PRO workshop taking place this Sunday, March 1st in Portland, Oregon. There is now a waiting list for both sessions, so if you received an invoice but haven’t paid yet, you should probably hop … Continue reading

Beware of Acting and Modeling Scams

Okay, folks, today I’m officially MAD!! [rant] Every so often, friends and family ask me whether or not some casting call, acting/modeling school or audition website is a scam. Well, this one really got my goat and I’m in a … Continue reading