Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GO PRO Workshop Almost Sold Out

by admin

Wow. We had an overwhelming response to the GO PRO workshop.

A mere 24 hours after opening registration, the Intermediate session was full and there are only a couple of slots left in the Beginner session.

    • If you wrote to reserve a spot, but haven’t made your deposit yet, better do so soon or we’ll have to relinquish the spot to someone else.


    • If you’re thinking of attending the Beginner session and haven’t sent an email yet to tools4actors[at]slateplease[dot]com, hop on it right away! Time’s a-wasting!


    • If you’re not available this time around in Portland, but want to go on the list for next time (we’re thinking 2/21/09), email us at tools4actors[at]slateplease[dot]com and let us know.


  • If you live outside Oregon and are interested in a GO PRO workshop near you, make sure to register your interest on Eventful in the right sidebar of this blog (scroll down a bit to see it).

We can’t wait until this Saturday, so we can all GO PRO!