Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Location, Location, Location

by admin

Backstage recently interviewed several industry professionals, including Lana, on the health (or lack thereof) of five important moviemaking markets around the country:

Location, Location, Location
A look at five places where Hollywood happens outside of California.
November 3, 2008
By Mark Dundas Wood

…”Lana Veenker has been casting in Portland for nine years. Before she arrived, Oregon had been doing moderately well in attracting projects (including the 1995 UPN television series ‘Nowhere Man‘). But as with Seattle, much of the work was being siphoned off by British Columbia.

“These days things are looking decidedly up. Veenker recently worked on the teen vampire project ‘Twilight‘ and the Stephen Belber feature ‘Management,’ starring Jennifer Aniston. Veenker says she believes Gov. Ted Kulongoski ‘gets it’ when it comes to the benefits of film production. ‘A big feature film will come into someplace like Madras, which is on the edge of an Indian reservation,’ she says. ‘They’ll come in and bring Jennifer Aniston and drop a couple million dollars and not leave any mess behind. It’s kind of a good deal.'”

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