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Casting Company Seeks Pregnant Woman to Play Charlize Theron Double

“The Road” starring Viggo Mortensen shoots in Oregon in May April 27, 2008 PORTLAND, ORE. Lana Veenker Casting announced today that it is seeking a pregnant Charlize Theron lookalike for “The Road,” a new feature film directed by John Hillcoat … Continue reading

Rabid Twilight Fans Want to Know

Cocoa from the Twilight Lexicon blog has posted this: Have you ever wondered just how a movie cast? What is the process? What types of decisions are made and why? Well, wonder no more! Lana Veenker, one of the principal … Continue reading

On the Set of "Twilight"

Just a quick note to all you Twilight fans out there: I dropped in on set the other day and it looked fantastic!! They were shooting the Forks High School cafeteria scene where Bella first sees the Cullen family. I … Continue reading