Saturday, March 3, 2007

Actors who love monologues about actors who love monologues about actors who….

by admin

OK, well apparently I’m not posting much about the Seattle Generals. 😐 Not because they weren’t great; I’ve just had other stuff on my plate since I got back.

I will mention that I didn’t see many overused monologues this year, but I only was able to attend the first day and a half of the auditions (had some fires to put out on the Lakeshore film), so I don’t know how indicative that is.

We did see a lot of actors auditioning with pieces about–you guessed it–actors auditioning. Wheee!

They’re great when they’re really well done, but take note that we do see a lot of that kind of stuff. Kinda like, if you’re going to do Hamlet’s soliloquy, you’d better know what you’re doing.

Actually, not like that at all, but you get the point. 🙂

Things are finally picking up at work–not that we didn’t have other stuff to catch up on–but staff likes it when it’s busy. I’ve been working on R&D, so I’ve got plenty on my plate.

We’ve finished casting on “Untraceable” and the other two films we were working on, and they’re all well into production now. Now we’re starting on a SAG short and a few commercials. Goody, goody!

Went to the official Oscars party here; great fun, except that I was so slammed over the past year, I only saw a handful of the films. I did get to bend the Mayor’s ear for a while about film incentives, though, so that was cool. Enjoyed chatting with our charming First Lady, too.

This weekend, I’m seeing William Hurt in “Vanya” and hoping to see “Pillowman” next week.

More soon….