Monday, January 29, 2007

Valley of Talent!

by admin

We all had fun watching the 229th Presentation of the Hallmark Hall of Fame, “The Valley of Light,” last night on CBS. Kudos to all the actors and crew on a beautiful production.

Here are a few photos from the LA premiere last week at the Directors’ Guild of America:

Director Brent Shields and Casting Director Lana Veenker
Lana Veenker with Lead Actor Chris Klein (“Noah Locke”) and Co-Star Betty Moyer (“Ada Reynolds”)
President of Hallmark Hall Fame Productions Brad Moore, with Betty Moyer, Brent Shields and the film’s dialect coach, Voice Actress Mary McDonald-Lewis
Lana Veenker with Casting Director Molly Lopata (whose IMDb photos don’t appear to be her) and Lana’s guest, Casting Director Irene Cagen
Irene Cagen with guest, Actor Robert Blanche, Betty Moyer and Mary McDonald-Lewis
Lana Veenker and Mary McDonald-Lewis with Co-Stars James Marsh (“Peavo”), William Joseph Elk III (“Marshall”) and Betty Moyer
Lana Veenker with Producer Andrew Gottlieb
Betty Moyer with Actor Geoff Pierson (“Whitlow”) and James Marsh
Brent Shields and Mary Mac
Betty Moyer with Andrew Gottlieb
Chris Klein and Mary Mac