Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hugs and Laughter in the Audition Room

by admin

Anyone still reading? [cringe]

I’ve been at the office for 14 hours today. Anyone in their right mind would go home, but I saw a comment someone posted here and it made me feel guilty for such an extended absence.

Here’s the update:

We had a short lull, but now we’re in full swing again. Finishing up on a few commercials from last month and working on several new ones that just came in. Two projects got postponed–thank goodness, because there was no room left on the calendar and we’re all on the verge of collapse. But the other jobs are all a lot of fun.

The project we cast today called for an actor with Down Syndrome and all the young men we saw were positively delightful! They were having so much fun with the process that it put all the other actors (normally a tad nervous in the audition room) at ease. Each audition ended with a lot of hugs, applause and laughter.

We’ve got one tomorrow that calls for a comedian, so that will be a kick, and Thursday’s project is also a comedic spot, with Friday and Saturday callbacks for both spots. Nice way to end a (long) week.

I did catch some theatre and screenings over the past few weeks, though: Saw a production of “Crowns” by Regina Taylor (of “The Color Purple” fame) with great music and an excellent cast. Got to go out with the cast afterwards, too; all of them fantastic artists. That was fun.

Also went to see a production of Frozen by Bryony Lavery with a friend and mentor who is on the drama critics committee for our citywide theatre awards.

In addition, I managed to attend to the opening of a new play, a dance performance, the birthday party of a local musical theatre actress (OMG, you can imagine the entertainment with all of her equally talented friends in attendance!), two screenings of films by local filmmakers (one of which I cast), a graduation showcase at the Art Institute, and the monologue finals at one of our universities, for which I was an auditor.

Oh, and I finally saw Brokeback Mountain. Good flick, but I wish I hadn’t known so much about it going in. There weren’t many surprises for me. Eh. [shrug]

Met with the president of our local theatre arts association about a fundraiser I’m putting on next Monday. It’s to raise money for actors in crisis and we’ve decided to to an awards show! There have already been 100+ RSVPs, so it should be a blast. I’ll give a full report later.

Well, hopefully I will: I leave for Europe six days after the party, so knowing me, I’ll fall behind again, oh faithful readers. I apologize in advance.