Monthly Archives: May 2005

Find your objective!

The big fundraiser I was helping produce went off without a hitch on Saturday. Well, almost: We lost one of the headlining bands I had helped book, despite desperate negotiations in the days leading up to the event. Fortunately, we … Continue reading

Fight for Your Career!

The ever-useful ran a great article on Monday called Fight for Your Career. An actor named JP Davis, tired of not getting anywhere, decided to write, produce and act in his own movie. In the Backstage article, he tells … Continue reading

All I can say is GRR!!

[Rant o’ the day] Ah, May sweeps! The time of year that advertising rates are set, based on each network’s market share. The season when they all try to glue us to the tube with their “best” programming. Who could … Continue reading

New interns, yeay!

Things are more under control this week, whew! We had two sessions today: One was a pick-up casting for a job we worked on last week that had a low turnout, due to actors being unavailable. The other was a … Continue reading