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Whether repped or unrepped, if you’re local and want to be considered for auditions, you need to be in our Casting Frontier database.

If you want to be considered for film and television work in the Northwest United States, you’ll want to follow our submission instructions carefully. Please note that all actors must be legally able to work in the U.S., and local to the Pacific Northwest, except in rare circumstances.

****Please no calls or drop-by visits****

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Unrepped Actors in the Northwest

If you are a professional actor based in Oregon, Washington or Idaho, and you are NOT represented by a talent agency, we highly recommend that you find representation with a local agency or management company that receives our breakdowns. An agent or manager will be able to submit you for the roles you are right for in a timely manner, which helps to ensure that as many qualified actors are being seen for our projects as possible. Only rarely do we dip into the unrepresented talent pool, due to time constraints, so having an agent is crucial to your success.

Please contact SAG-AFTRA for a list of franchised agencies, or check the SourceOregon directory or NW Production Index under Talent Agencies (Principals) or Talent Managers for vetted companies representing actors.

Unrepped talent based in the Northwest can still create a free profile in our casting database. Occasionally, we search the database when we’re having trouble finding specific types through the talent agencies we work with. While the calls may be few and far between, it can’t hurt to make it easy for us to find you when needed.

To create a free profile:

  • Go to the Casting Frontier
  • Create a Basic (Free) profile in the Pacific NW Region
  • Fill your profile out completely, including your headshot, resume, and contact information
  • Send the Public Link of your profile to talent[at]castironstudios[dot]com, subject: NW Actor Submission. 
  • Hint: https://database.castingfrontier.com/account/my_profile is NOT a Public Link and will not allow us to view your profile. Your public link should be a long URL full of random letters and numbers.
  • You may include a link to your acting reel or self-tape in your email, but DO NOT send the file as an attachment, or your email will be discarded. Only send us links to YouTube, Vimeo, IMDb, etc., or your personal website. Be sure to include the password, if any.

Repped Actors in the Northwest

If you are a professional actor based in Oregon or Washington and you ARE represented by a bona fide talent agent or manager, you should already be on Casting Frontier. There is no need for you to resubmit or self-submit. But shoot us a note from time to time, if you have anything newsworthy to share.

Extras Based in the Northwest

If you are seeking work as an extra, you’ve come to the wrong place. We’re not extras casting directors. We primarily cast experienced, professional actors in principal (i.e. speaking) roles. You can find Portland-based extras casting companies online. (On rare occasions, we may hire a couple extras for a commercial project, but in this case, we usually pull from the pool of actors who auditioned for the speaking parts.)

Extras & Professional Actors Based Elsewhere, with No Ties to the Northwest

Sorry, but due to SAG-AFTRA regulations, unless you have a home base within a couple hours of Portland, you’re unlikely to be considered for any project we are casting. Unless you’re Ryan Gosling. In which case, please step to the front of the line.

****Please no calls or drop-by visits****

More Information

For more information on film production in Oregon, check out Oregon Film, OMPA, and the Confluence.