Cast Iron breaks the mold.

As the Northwest’s leading casting company, we’ve been forging relationships with actors, directors and producers for more than a decade. But that’s not all. We’ve recently branched out into production development, as well.

We’re proud that we’ve helped develop the impressive pool of local talent in Portland, Oregon, which now rivals those in much bigger markets. What can we say? We’ve got a great eye for actors who can deliver, and we have over a decade of experience creatively casting every kind of role. Consider us the foundation for solid performances, every time.

We’re here because we like working with people who are bold enough to work outside Hollywood. But that doesn’t mean we operate in a bubble. Our relationships have allowed us to branch out into production and development in the Northwest and beyond. Need a casting director in Paris? Someone to coordinate a shoot in Buenos Aires? A keen eye at the Berlin Film Festival? We’ve got you covered.

Here in Portland, some of the city’s most enduring buildings are known as the “Cast Iron Ladies,” the largest collection of cast iron architecture outside SoHo. We can relate to these ladies. Like them, we’re solid and reliable with an understated style that makes a long-term impact.

I have been thrilled with the talent Cast Iron Studios has consistently provided over the years. As professional as any casting office I have worked with anywhere in the world.

Lana Veenker

With more than twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry, Lana’s credits span the globe. Before founding Cast Iron Studios (formerly Lana Veenker Casting) in 1999, she acted in France, England and Venezuela, lived in India and the West Indies, and helped hire European leads for major studios and networks as part of a London casting office…