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Hey actors! We’re trying to learn more about how actors are able to get off-book quickly with fully-developed characters, while remaining in the moment and pursuing their intentions. Want to weigh in? We’ll enter you into our contest for a free career consultation with one of our staff.

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  1. Alex A says:

    pending on the character and how much script-i try to get of the paper as soon as possible so i can leave myself with room to understand where each phrase is going naturally with out words so to speak-so i can begin to ‘feel’ the character and not just recite the characters words..

  2. I memorize each line and go down the scene until I screw up. Then it’s back to the top. Repeat till I can go through whole scene perfectly. Then the real work begins. Imagining the moment just before the scene. Reading the entire script when provided. Repetition is the absolute key. The sooner the words are there for me the more available I am as an actor to liven up my choices and listen to the scene.

  3. As I read I tag the script emotionally feeling the conflict within the scene- understanding how everyone feels and why they feel it; emotionally tagging while reading allows your subconscious to do all the work. Otherwise you repeat reading over and over in vein.

    During Character creation, I focus on different ways I feel varying the tempo (Slow, medium, fast) and how interesting I have become; if my execution has gone NOT according to Pre thought out planning….then I know I have done my job.

  4. Chad vega says:

    Noah . Thats the way i work as well It’s

    like building something you go brick by brick until you have it down solid.

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