Friday, October 26, 2012

Thank Grimm It’s Friday: “La Llorona”

by ranielle

Don’t miss these Pacific Northwest actors on an all new episode of “Grimm“, tonight at 9PM on NBC.  (And tune in at 8PM to check out the Munsters in NBC’s special Halloween event, “Mockingbird Lane“!)

Top Row (L-R): Robert Blanche, Olga Grovic, Enrique Andrade. Bottom Row (L-R): Isidora Geranios, Anna Ostrem, Marceleno Dumaoal.
Top Row (L-R): Bryce Walters, Dietrich Burmester, Jonah Kellams. Bottom Row (L-R): Tirzah Vest, Isaiah Espinosa, Mackie Mallison.
L-R: Hannah Barefoot, Ethan Rogers, Dre Slaman.