Twilight Lexicon Reports: Lana Veenker Makes PSA Appeal

Many thanks to the ladies over at Twilight Lexicon, who posted about the anti-rape PSA campaign that we are producing. We appreciate you!

Lana Veenker Makes PSA Appeal
July 8, 2011
Posted by Twilight_News

Many of you who have been around the fandom awhile know that Lana Veenker was one the people who helped to cast the original Twilight movie that filmed in the Portland, Oregon area. Lana casts many shows such as Leverage that shoot in the Portland area. For Twilight, Lana helped cast much of the local talent that was used in the film (Cora the waitress, young Bella, the original Sam Solomon Trimble, etc).

Lana is now involved in a cause that means much to her, as one of her close friends is one of the major activists in this area. More details on how you can help bring awareness to this important issue here.

Link to original post.

2 Responses to Twilight Lexicon Reports: Lana Veenker Makes PSA Appeal

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for saving me time by padding your pocketbook with your obscene $7,000 budget, out of which you'll take a stipend and so avoid any personal income tax, since now I no longer need to interview you for casting any projects in the future. Good to know which side of ethics you stand on.

  2. The Casting Scoop says:

    Thank you for your brave and anonymous comment. You are welcome to contact us directly with your concerns about our ethics. In the meantime, we will concur that our budget is indeed high for a PSA. This is because we elected to work with ALL UNION TALENT pursuant to AFTRA rules and rates. Not to mention that IndieGoGo and PayPal fees eat up a significant percentage of the proposed budget, so the number we are working with is much lower than the amount posted on IndieGoGo.

    None of the principals intend to take a stipend themselves, including Lana. Funds that go above and beyond hard costs will go towards the perks that were promised to donors. If anything remains after that, we will pay the below-the-line crew of 25 people a small stipend for their time.

    In the very unlikely event that we exceed our fundraising goal, any additional funds will go towards future campaigns. However, it is much more likely that we will fall SHORT of our goal, which means that all funds needed to meet our obligations to crew and donors will come directly from Lana's pocket.

    Lana has committed to this project, regardless of whether or not enough funds are raised to pay for it. In all likelihood, she will be footing the bill for the remaining obligations.

    Our office is more than willing to provide a line-item detail of the budget for this project upon completion. Simply contact us at 503-221-3090 and we will be happy to comply.

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