Sunday, January 25, 2009

Announcing Consultation Winner #1: Kim Anderson

by admin

Congratulations to Kim Anderson, who is the first winner of our career consultation contest.

Kim was a theater major in college and wrote in her survey that acting was always her dream, but that she had been brainwashed into the 9-5 workaday world:

I got a lot of subtle pressure in my late 20’s to get a “real” job, that my acting was selfish and not fair to those who depended on me. (I was married with a young child). My daughter (now an adult) is the one that is now encouraging me to go after it again. I have experience, I spent three years in a theater company that did repertory theater in the summers at its home theater, and toured Sept-May. I have done some commercial work in the past for friends/employers who needed talent, but nothing on a large scale.

She wrote that her biggest problem or challenge was not knowing how to begin:

It’s been SO long and I am in a different part of the country now.

Well, you’re in luck, Kim! We’re going to help you get started.

Kim will soon be scheduling her free telephone consultation. Stay tuned to hear how it went…and for the announcement of the remaining two winners.