Monthly Archives: April 2005

I Have Found It!

Things look like they’ll be more manageable this week. Most of the jobs we are working on are in the final phases. Job #1 is almost finished. Just need to finalize bookings, run Station 12 and do the Taft-Hartleys. Job … Continue reading

Tag, I’m it!

My friend Sid over at New Frames tagged me with a book meme that has been doing the rounds. I enjoyed reading her answers and thought I’d post mine. You’re stuck in ‘Fahrenheit 451’. Which book would you save? I … Continue reading

Classical Literature Lost and Found!

This is too exciting not to spread the word: Decoded at Last: The “Classical Holy Grail” That May Rewrite the History of the World Scientists begin to unlock the secrets of papyrus scraps bearing long-lost words by the literary giants … Continue reading

Casting in the Emerald City

I haven’t had much time to write lately. We are still operating at full speed. On Monday, I went to the memorial for the local director who passed away recently. It took place in a theatre, naturally. It was great … Continue reading